Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Thank goodness it was a long weekend.

I have so many things to be thankful for, so Thanksgiving was wonderful. While there were many hours spent cooking and cleaning, making pom pom turkeys and decorating; I also was able to spend a few hours with my mother, sister, her husband, and new baby, Lili. Phil made a fabulous feast, and I got to play sous chef. Everyone had a great time. (yeah, I know I already posted the photo of the turkeys...but they are so dang cute!)

Black Friday? Well, no early morning shopping for me. I am more a cyber Monday kinda girl. And I really like my sleep! So we had a guy come out and inspect for termites. Looks like we have a few and they are gonna treat next week. ugggh. Oh, and remember how I mentioned about Phil's supporting my frivolity? Well, he went out and got me a white tree! So happy about that. Couldn't go cut a real one on Friday like originally planned due to rain, but I did get to start decorating, and I love, love, love the white tree.

Saturday we woke to a beautiful day and headed up the mountain for our tree. Found one, right away...too bad it was about 25 feet tall. Well, went ahead and cut it anyway. You are supposed to cut high so the tree will regrow. Who would have guessed tho that it was that high? We got it home and had to trim off quite a bit to get it to fit. I think 12-13 feet is just about perfect for the space. We finished decorating tree two in the family room while Phil lit that monster. Spent the evening watching Up! with the children. Phil hadn't seen it yet. Such a touching story.

Sunday, the leftovers are running low, no way they are gonna make it for the week so groceries needed to be procured. Off to the farmer's market bright and early. And horray!!!!! It wasn't crazy crowded like it has been. I guess the novelty has worn off for many people. A few hours and a few stores later we were finally home with lots of yummy tasty treats for the week. Did you know Trader Joes has Candy Cane Joe Joes...yum!

We finally finished decorating the house. All the trees are up, the wreaths are on the door, the stockings are hung. Many hours of carols have been listened to and sung. After a light supper we are gonna have a family game night! Rock Band anyone?

Yep, a busy, busy, long weekend. But it was great!
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