Thursday, November 5, 2009


Do you ever have days where you just feel blessed? Maybe you wake up and it is just a regular day, then you look around and just thing...WOW!!!! I am so blessed. Today was one of those days. Yes, things didn't start out fabulous, not that they were bad, just a regular day. But somewhere, during our just hit me. I truly am blessed. Yeah, things may not be perfect, far from it. But overall...I am pretty lucky.

I mean, I have a great life. I have incredible children, an amazing husband, a beautiful home. Life is good.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like talking about the ins and outs of my day, the meetings, the talks with the ES adviser, the ...well daily grind. But for now....just BLESSED.




Heather Landry said...

You are too right. I have days like those. This morning when I was outside the temperature was so nice that I just thought... I wish I could photograph the temperature to get the feel of how nice the day is. LOL Both of us are really blessed! (Even if we are insanely busy! LOL)

Amanda Sevall said...

Glad you had one of those mornings yesterday :) You are definitely a lucky girl Nancy!!

Michelle said...

You have a beautiful family, Nancy!! I am glad you had a great day!! :) I have those days every now and then too.