Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Your Graduation Party Shine!

I can't believe it....alomost a year ago I made this set of party decorations for Core'dinations and Darice and now I have two children graduating...Brighton with his Bachelors of Science and Mackenzie from High School!  Time to break these out and party!!!!!!!  These were super fun to make and I really love the way they turned out.graduation_party_final-1024x680
Graduation Party Decor Supplies:
Mason Jar Congratulations Centerpiece:
Step 1:  Select desired pieces from Core'dinations Paper Pops pack.  These packages come in a varitety of styles and colors for any celebration.  You will need 6 pieces of two sizes to create ornament shapes, plus two larger shapes for the title.
graduation_party_centerpiece_selectStep 2:  Fold shapes in half with the side you want displayed on the inside.
graduation_party_centerpiece_foldStep 3:  Glue shapes with the right side in together leaving a bit of a gap on the inner corner.  When all six are glued together you will get your ornament shape.
graduation_party_centerpiece_glueStep 4:  Thread ornament shapes and larger title shapes onto dowel.
graduation_party_centerpieceStep 5:  To create band on mason jar begin by cutting a sheet of the Tim Holtz Metallic Kraft Core paper to fit your jar.  I cut mine at 1 1/2 inch by 10, and emboss if desired.
Step 6:  In order to keep your embossing pattern consistent throughout your longer projects, you can cut a slit in the top of the folder allowing the paper to slide through.  I love this technique for embossing longer strips.
graduation_party_embossed_ringStep 7:  Simply wrap your mason jar with the Tim Holtz Kraft Core Metallic Paper and insert your dowel with the ornaments.  I used a bit of krinkle paper to hold everything together, but almost anything would work, from pebbles to marbles to little hard candies.
Graduation Cap Boxes Step 1:  Cut all pieces from the SVGCuts file.
graduation_party_cap_cutsStep 2:  Assemble as per their directions.  The Core'dinations Texture cardstock gives the cap a nice fabric finish.
Graduation Cap Banner Step 1:  Cut 1 1/2 inch mortar board shapes with electronic cutter.
graduation_party_banner_capsStep 2:  Attach mortar boards to banner rosettes.  The rosettes come pre assembled, so creating this banner is quick and easy.
Medallion Wall Decor Step 1:  Directions for assembly are included in each kit.  Begin by removing adhesive from end piece and attaching to the other end to form a ring.
graduation_party_medallion_glue endsStep 2:  Place medallion ring over cardboard ring with post.
graduation_party_medallion_postStep 3:  Press ends of medallion down and cover with top screw and additional cardboard ring.
graduation_party_medalions_post and ring
Step 4:  Cover cardboard rings and posts with included foam tape cardboard circles and embellish further with paper pops.  Layer on wall for a unique decoration.
With all the great color combinations available from the Party Mixer line from Core'dinations I am sure you will find the perfect combination for your next event.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Light up the Lawn ...Fawn that is

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Chibitronics and Lawn Fawn blog share.  Chibitronics and Lawn Fawn have teamed up to share some of the great ideas and projects you can make with these two great companies.

Lawn Fawn makes some of the cutest clear stamps out there and I was lucky to receive the Loads of Fun stamps to play with.
Supplies Used:  
  • Ranger Archival Ink - Black
  • Ranger Distress Crayons
  • Lawn Fawn Loads of Fun Stamps
  • Chibitronics LED Sticker Lights
  • Chibitronics Copper Tape
  • Core'dinations Cardstock
  • Foam Adhesive
Step 1:  Color card base with Distress Crayons.  Unlike many watercolor mediums, these you want to go somewhat heavy with in order to get a good smudge.
Step 2:  Color stamped images and color with Distress Crayons.  Apply adhesive.  I like using a dry adhesive like my Xyron Sticker Maker.

Step 3:  Create card design and poke holes where you want the lights to shine through.  
Step 4:  With Pencil, mark card base where lights need to show through.
Step 5:  Create simple, parallel circuit.
Step 6:  Attach card design to base using foam adhesive to compensate for depth of battery.

That's cute, so simple.

Thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pin the Tail on the

Wow...I can't believe I made this Pin the Tail on the Bunny game for my niece a year ago.  It was the perfect accent to their home decor for the Easter Holiday, and doubled as a party game for their Easter Egg Hunt.  This game is super simple to make and is an all time classic hit.  Over the years I have created many "pin the" games...from Flames on Charizard to handles on a teapot....this game never dissapoints.
Pin the Tail on the Bunny Supplies:
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1: Cut out your bunny shape. I used the rabbit from Cricut's Pet Shop, but there is a similar Rabbit here in the Silhouette Store. To create a large shape simply place two 12x12 sheets right next to one another and cut.  When done, use a piece of scrap paper to adhere the two halves together.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_paper placementStep 2:  Repeat for each of the layers in your image.  My bunny had four layers, but you can use more or less depending on your cut file.  I used a mixture of light brown and black neutrals, but you can use whatever colors you choose.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_layers
Step 3:  Adhere your layers to form the large bunny design.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_layers assembled
Step 4:  Cut bow design from your favorite Glitter Silk color.  I love the Glitter silk, it cuts beautifully, and gives that extra bit of sparkle without leaving glitter everywhere.  Adhere to neck of bunny.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_bow
Step 5:  Cut tails for your bunny from white Glitter Silk papers.  I used a large flower shape, but you could use a circle or scalloped circle, and number each.  You will need one tail for each of your games participants.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_tails
Step 6:  Hang bunny on vertical surface at eye level for your players.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_assembled
Step 7:  Give each player one of the tails that has a little adhesive stuck on the back side.  Blind fold the player and have them place the tail where they think it should be.  The player who is the closest wins.
I hope you have fun creating this game for the little ones in your life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tropical Fun with Chibitronics and Xyron

Hi everyone!  I'm back today and want to share with you a fun project I made with Chibitronics and Xyron.  I found this fun Palm Tree Box file at SVGCuttingFiles, and new that it would be perfect with the new Tropical Color Lights from Chibitronics.
Products Used:

This project came together quickly with the use of my Cricut and Xyron.  And decorating was super fun with Chibitronics.  Let me show you how to create the circuit for each tree.
 I brought the negative of the copper tape down the top of the paper and wrapped the positive end around through the box and attached the battery completing my circuit.
 Aren't these new colors so fun?  Love all the color variations that are now available from Chibitronics.  With the negative end up and positive down, it was quick work to light up each of the palm trees.
Here you can just see my negative run going through the top of the tree...don't worry tho, one I add the palm leaves that hole and the tape will be covered.
Embellishing the palm tree and making the hammock were super quick with the help of my Xyron machines.  I used the Create a Sticker to add dry adhesive to the wood pieces of my hammock.  I love that Xyron has machines in all different sizes for each of your paper crafting needs (yes, I have a huge selection...Xyron 850, 500, 2.5 inch, 1 inch...and even a tiny little 1/2 inch lol.
After adding these little coconut pieces that I made with my Xyron Sticker Maker and some twine to the hammock I was done.  

I haven't decided what I will do with this fun little home decor piece yet...Maybe use to hold some fun drink pics at my next Tiki Party?  hmmmm
Thanks for dropping by.  Now, head on over to the Xyron Facebook Page where the Xyron Design Team is sharing some fun Chibitronics projects all week long.  


Monday, March 7, 2016

Bunny Banner

Hey everyone!  Hope you are having a great day.  Well, it is that time of year...time to pull out the Easter decorations and start decorating the house.  I can't believe I made this banner a year ago now for Core'dinations.  I still love their line of patterned papers....sometimes the simple is just perfect.  This banner was inspired by a table runner I saw in a local shop.  So cute....and this was so quick and easy.
Bunny Banner Supplies:
  • Core Basics Patterned Paper  Yellow Hexagon
  • Core Basics Patterned Paper  Orange Flower
  • Core Basics Patterned Paper Light Green Crosshatch
  • Core Basics Patterned Paper Teal Plaid
  • Core Basics Patterned Paper Light Pink Large Dot
  • 2 sheets Core Basics White 80lb 12x12 Cardstock
  • Darice Hemp Twine
  • Cotton Balls
  • Electronic Cutting Machine or Template
bunny banner_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1:  Cut each sheet of patterned paper to 8x10 inches.  I chose to make my banner 5 sheets wide, but you can make more or less according to your needs.
bunny banner_coredinations_nancy keslin_step 1
Step 2:  To create the pennant shape; on the 8 inch side make a mark at 4 inches.  This is the middle of the paper.  On both edges, make a mark at 2 inches from the bottom.  Connect the dots to create your shape and cut out.  Do this for each of your papers.
bunny banner_coredinations_nancy keslin_banner shape
Step 3:  Cut bunny image using an electronic cutter, or a quick search on Google will find many "Easter Bunny Templates" that you can print and cut.  I cut my bunnies to 6 inches on the Core'dinations White Cardstock.  I was easily able to cut all 5 with two pieces of paper.  Attach one bunny to each of the pennant shapes.
bunny banner_coredinations_nancy keslin_bunny
Step 4:  Arrange your pennants in the order you would like and hot glue twine to the back to create the hanger.  I chose to place mine very close together so the banner wouldn't dip quite so much.
bunny banner_coredinations_nancy keslin_twine
Step 5:  Attach cotton balls to tails of bunnies and hang.   hint:  You don't want to attach the tails before you glue the pennants together as the extra dimension makes it harder to place the glue.
I hope you make this fun banner this spring for your family and friends to enjoy.