Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Goodness

How quickly children grow. I am often reminded of this fact when my sister calls to ask for baby advice. Has it really been that long since mine were babies? Sometimes I just can't remember how old they were when we got the new stroller or started eating cheerios. And anyway...things have changed. The guidelines are different and we have different parenting styles. And, most of all, my babies are anything but babies now.

Which brings me to today.

Mackenzie has parent observation this week at the ballet. One of today's classes was pointe. The girls were only in their shoes for 10 minutes, but Wow! When did she stop being that tiny little girl in those teeny slippers and become a pointe shoes. All the girls looked so grown up in them.

And Brighton! OMG!!!! He has become quite the teddy bear...very scruffy around the edges, but the hair is still so soft. But, as men do, the hair was becoming darker and he constantly seemed to have a dirty upper he had just drank a big glass of chocolate milk. If you know Brighton, you know how much he loves chocolate milk. So, off it must come. Tonight, after dinner, while the girls were playing, Phil gave him his first shaving lesson. He looks really nice, but it is so hard to believe he is now shaving! You think in a few years I will forget how old he was when he started?

Goodness, time is going by so quickly.


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