Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sundays always seem to be full of contradictions. Lazy Sunday? Well, I did get to do some scrapping and play on the computer. But oh, so much work to be done. Up at 7 to head out to the Farmer's Market. I can not believe how early the market is getting going these days...the official opening time is 9:00 a.m. but you better be there by 8:30 if you want to park. And horray!!!! Heirloom Organics is back in Mountain View! Picked up some spinach for Phil. I am sure he will now eat all the eggs I bought! And the girls got to talk to the owner about growing carrots. The really enjoyed that and can't wait to plant. The girls also got a tasty cucumber to snack on while we finished. Then off to Petes for a coffee (and a couple of peppermint hot cocoas for the girls). Whole Foods and finally home. Unloading the groceries, finishing the dishes, laundry from yesterday. Oh, so busy.

Did find a little time for fun and games.

Here are a few layouts to share. Lots of yummy goodies I found at Flamingo Scraps.

Oh....and check out Mackenzie's new blog! She is posting her artwork for everyone to see. And I don't have to be involved.


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