Monday, November 23, 2009


Hee hee....Ainsley just makes me laugh sometimes. Where, oh where, would a child who has never stepped foot in a classroom come up with the idea that we needed to have a "hall/bathroom" pass? Really? Most of the time she doesn't even ask to be excused, but this morning I sat down and she pulled the pass out. From now on, she must use it to leave her school work. LOL Yeah, how long you think that is gonna last? She even put it on a lanyard.

Oh, and I did a little clip of my own. Somehow I got the idea into my head that I should do a Jessica Sprague online class. Yeah, one that included lots of journaling, cause you know how much I love to journal. hee hee

Well, here is a clipboard I made to hold the journaling prompts. That is as far as I have gotten in the class.....At least the price was right! FREE!!!!!
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