Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long Day & Smelly Paper

Yep, it was a long one. School with the children, Mackenzie being the not so cooperative today. That was followed by our meeting with our ES from the charter school. Those of you who have followed my saga from other sites know how much I enjoy these meetings and will not be surprised to hear that this was the worst one yet. I have requested a new ES. I just do not feel this one is going to work for us. Maybe I am difficult to work with, maybe after 8 years of not being accountable to anyone else I am not taking to this well??? But when you upset my children! Uggggghhhh

Well, enough about that. Left my house at 2:00 p.m. Met the ES at Starbucks, drove back to pick up a friend for swim practice, then to the pool, the ballet, Target, the pool, and finally home. 5:30! Lucky me and the carpool. Left again at 6:30 to pick up Brighton at the pool. Total miles today??? 37 miles. Not too bad! hee hee

No time to scrap, no time to chat online. I was able to talk with my cutie patotootie friend Pinky and heard from Sue while I was driving! Oh...and my Webster's Pages Papers came!!! Yummy. They smell so good. I still can't believe I won their monthly challenge.

Hope to find some scrappy time soon. For now, it is finishing up the agenda for tomorrow nights swim board meeting and then off to bed.


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