Monday, November 2, 2009


As I sit here I am eating an ice cream sundae from Baskin Robbins. Heath Bar toffee ice cream with caramel and whipped cream. Yum!!! Why, you may ask, am I eating ice cream when the girls brought home 11 pounds of candy on Halloween? Well, the children and I had a bet. I lost, I had to pay up. hee hee

Yep, today was a good homeschooling day. It started out with children who, although they fight like cats and dogs, actually do love one another. And that, is always a good thing to start the day with.

Everyone managed to complete their school work in a reasonable amount of time. Which, with our Learning Record meeting Wednesday, was a very good thing. This month our writing samples are due. Don't ask me why, but every two months the children are required to write a short essay, handwritten demonstrating a certain list of skills. They must use a specific graphic organizer. Uggggh. They hate it, I hate it...the school wants it, so it must be done.

This time, Brighton's paper was to be a persuasive argument. The writing prompt was something about year round school. Yeah, no interest. Well, since I have done more reading, I have found that he didn't need to use that prompt, but just demonstrate those skills. His paper? What was he trying to persuade me not to have to do? Write this paper. Too funny. Can't wait to see what his Education Specialist has to say about this one. Mackenzie's paper was fiction, about a time machine. She was a little more pleased with her prompt.

OK, so...the bet? We bet that I couldn't write both of their papers, complete with the graphic organizers, in the time it took one of them to finish. Yep, I would write two papers in the time it took either of them to finish.

Well, they beat me...not by much...but they won. And the prize....Ice cream. So, here I sit with my sundae. My papers were probably better (at least I would hope, after getting a graduate degree and all) and longer...but theirs are done! Woo Hoo!!!! No more fighting about this for two more months!!!

The rest of my day? The usual. A little housework, laundry, ballet and swim. A little IM with the know who you are! hee hee

Oh, are a few of those wonderful "I love my siblings" moments from this morning.

Off to scrap.


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