Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is Upon Us

I can't believe how quickly time rushes by. When I was younger it seemed that time practically stood still. Oh how I wish it was that way now. Everything and everyone always in such a hurry. sigh

Seems I have been doing a lot of sighing lately. Such is life I guess.

Well, the holidays are upon us. The house is completely decorated and while I am no where near done shopping, I have done some. Which is a good thing with only 24 more days left till Christmas.

All three children went to the orthodontist today. Yep, while we were there, Ainsley decided that she wanted to have an appointment as well, so they gave her an appointment. Fit her in. So, now...all three have ortho appointments. sigh

Ainsley has crowding, Mackenzie needs to have two teeth pulled (cause she doesn't like to wiggle, the teeth won't fall out) and Brighton.......wisdom teeth. I blame Phil. I don't have wisdom teeth. Never have.

Working on that Jessica Sprague class. Today was the first day. I am going to attempt to do it digital. Not my forte, too simple maybe? Need to figure out how to do all the fun, funky, more detailed stuff...but too much work. For now.

So, here goes.

and Heather, this does not mean I am coming over to the dark side. LOL


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