Thursday, December 3, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Life has been so busy! Yesterday we had the house treated for termites. Eeek. They treated with orange oil, so at least it smells good. Today was the piano tuner and the girls had a Nutcracker call. Add to that housework, errands and the never ending obsession with Facebook and you can totally understand why my Jessica Sprague class hasn't been done.

Anyway, yesterday was about warmth. We were supposed to journal about the feeling to have a perfectly decorated holiday home, but what we really want, is warmth. Guilty! lol

Today we were to talk about joy, and things that bring us joy. There are many things in my life that bring me joy. Of course, my children and my husband are always making me laugh...but there are Christmas decorations that make me smile as well. My salt and pepper shaker collection, (especially my snow globe ones) my Santas, my new white Christmas tree. So, when you add all the things that make me smile to those in my life who make me laugh, perfection! And maybe a little insanity....but isn't that what it is all about? Joy!

OK, here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Oh, and no....I did not have another baby! That is my niece, Lili! Isn't she just a little doll! Talk about Joy!

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