Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I hate standardized testing.  What a waste of time...and for it to be given 1/2 hour away...that meant 2 hours driving today.  Too long of a day to sit and wait....but quite a drive there and back.  Oh well.  Tomorrow however, Ainsley and I will be hitting the Starbucks and then the park once we drop the older two off.  Mackenzie is only supposed to be there for an hour...really?  why only and hour?  can't we take two tests and not have to come back for an hour on Friday?  ugggghhhhh

Well, between driving, and ustream nightmares (maybe I will share another time) and my obsession with Facebook, not much time for blogging. sorry!  So, how about I share with you a comparison I wrote for the Flamingo Scraps blog? 

You can get all the different mediums at Flamingo Scraps right now too!  lol  I know, I am a terrible enabler.  hee hee

I have had a number of people ask me what the difference is between the Crackle Glossy Accents, the Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint, and the Rock Candy Distress Stickles.

First off, let me say that the Distress Stickles, are that....Stickles.  They are a type of glitter glue.  Distress Stickles are different from the regular Stickles in that they are made to cover larger areas, not to do fine work. 

I hope these photos can help you determine the differences.

I started with three flowers cut from patterned paper.

I covered each with a different medium.  I do not like to use the tip of my applicator to spread the glues as I find it clogs the tip. For the Stickles, I use my finger, for the Crackle Glossy Accents, I used a brush.  The Crackle Paint has a brush inside.

I let each dry.  The Distress Crackle Paint dries the fastest.  Followed by the Crackle Glossy Accents, and finally the Stickles.

In the end, you can see that they all have a nice shine.

The Stickles has much more glitter than the other two.

The Crackle Glossy Accents have larger cracks, and while being quite shiny doesn't have the glitter of the Stickle.

And finally, the Distress Crackle Paint

It has small cracks, and not quite as much sparkle as the Stickles.  Looks like old, glazed jewelery, don't you think?

They all work great on your projects and each can be used for different things.  When the Crackle Glossy Accents dry, they become fairly stiff, while the Distress Crackle paint reminds fairly pliable.  So that, or the size of the crack may help you make the determination as to which of those products to use.  I usually only use the Stickles on smaller pieces as you could quickly go through an entire bottle if you coated large areas.

And finally, these aren't the flowers I showed above, but I did cover the large raised flowers with the Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paints on this Prima Pastiche layout of my daughter.

Flamingo Scraps Products Used:  Prima Pastiche Patterned Flower and Glitter Cardstock Stickers, Prima Mini Roses,Fairytale Roses,Eline Pearls,  Maya Road Olivia Chipboard Alphabet, Maya Road Deep Brown Ink, Maya Mist Cotton Candy, Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint, 


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