Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paper Roses

Dang...now that Marie Osmond song is gonna be stuck in my head the rest of the afternoon...and yes, I know I have just dated myself.  For those of you unfamiliar....

A few friends have asked me how I made the paper rose on my "date nite" layout.  So, a quick tutorial....

You start with 3 six petal flowers.  These were a SCAL file I found on the internet.  You can find it here .  You don't have to use your Cricut though.  You can use a Sizzix die (which is what Tim Holtz used in his tutorial), a punch, flowers you already have, hand cut, etc.

If you are starting with 3 full six petal flowers you will need to cut them.  The first flower you will cut a slit to the middle.  On the second flower you will remove one petal.  For the third flower, remove two flowers. 

I inked them up quite a bit and then began the process of gluing.  Basically you are just going to glue the flowers back together with the missing petals.

After that, curl the ends under.  Stack the layers making sure to alternate where the petals line up.  And....done.

It may take a bit of practice, and I have found it helpful to paint the backside of my cardstock with some Mod Podge to give it some depth and flexibility.

Hope you have fun with it.


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