Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Let me start by saying that the last few days have been quite busy!

Mackenzie's birthday on Friday was fabulous...those of you who are "friends" on Facebook probably know that it was her 12th birthday and for her present she chose a shopping spree at the mall.  She had the best time!  Got tons of new clothes and a few new legos for her animation....but the best part for her day was a guy she met in the shoe store who is a film student.  They started talking animation and she showed him her Youtube channel.  He proceeded to gush all over her... "mad skills" and "sick talent".  How cool is that?!?  She was simply beaming when we left.

Then, for dinner we went to Left Bank to experience French food.  She was dieing to try escargot...which she loved!  And the blue cheese....which she loved!  Not a huge fan of pate, but.......

Here she is after eating the escargot....

Poor thing had such an awesome, exhausting day that she was crying...thinking life just couldn't ever get better than that day had been. 

Saturday was a bit crazy with the boys helping with an Eagle project.  Brighton is also starting to work on his...dang he is growing fast.  lol

Sunday morning, I almost got run over at the farmer's market buy a dude in a hurry to get a bigger parking spot.  Almost hit me pulling into the spot next to me, and then, once he was in the space and I tried once again to walk to the door....tried to hit me pulling out to move to a bigger one.  ugggghhhh

Anyway, Phil and the girls are off to Wicked (more birthday goodies for Mackenzie ...spoiled?  lol) and Brighton and I are hanging out...doing some crafts...Boy craft?  Yep, gonna make a duct tape wallet.  hee hee.  Well, Brighton is.  I am scrapping.

While you wait, here is a little something I made after watching Prima Live on Wednesday.


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