Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, those of you who have known me for a while know I have a tendency to take on a little too much at times. This time of year swim team really ramps up and tonight was our new parent meeting! eeeeeek!!!!!

One of the few things I hate about being president of the team is talking in front of people. And of course, this meeting is one of those times I have to do it. I just feel as if I am standing at the front of a classroom talking at people.  Oh is over and done!  woo hoo!!!!!!

And, I am done packing for my crop next week!  woo hoo for that too!!!!  I played a little mind game with myself in order to get it done, but it is done, and that is what counts.

I actually got a surprising amount of stuff done today.  Along with it being Earth Day, it was Take Your Kids to Work Day at the girls were gone!  No teaching for me!!!!!  Which left time to chat with friends, sip lattes, and get a few things done around the house.

And I managed to find time to set aside a few little projects to work on before I leave next week for both the IFS and Flamingo Scraps blogs.  And to finish this.....

...inspired by another gorgeous color pallete from The Color Room.  Amazing how big that site has grown in only two weeks.

Well, tomorrow is a crazy busy day...Mackenzie's sleepover (with a cute little project planned for the girls), shipping boxes, housework...why is there always housework...and school!  Woo hoo for the weekend tho!  Looks like this one might actually be somewhat relaxing.


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