Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I so need a focus button as things are moving quickly around here.

First off, I want to announce that I am the newest contributing designer at Ideas for Scrapbookers!

I am so looking forward to working with all these talented ladies and helping to bring great ideas to more people.  So, look for me over there as well.

Of course, I am still working with Susan and Suzanne over at Flamingo Scraps.  And have a blog posting over there this afternoon.

Life is a little hectic as I have school wrapping up for the year, finals for Brighton, finishing up texts with the girls and now the charter we joined needs additional items as they are working on their WASC certifications. Cabana Swim Team is ramping up, kids hit the pool next week and I need to pack for a short vacay.  Did I mention a slumber party for Mackenzie's birthday?  Wait till you see the cute little craft I have planned. 

I have some scrapping to do, and of course the endless housework and driving....so for now....I will leave you with this.  A little peek at my post today over at Flamingo Scraps.


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