Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Tuesday

I can't believe it is already the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I haven't even made it to the grocery yet, and here I am thinking about cutting a Christmas Tree?  eeek!!!

Before I do tho, I wanted to share with you a canvas I made for Ainsley's room.  Ainsley has been loving the She Art girls I have made and really wanted one for her newly redecorated room.  So, she picked a very large canvas and gave me some direction and said for me to make one.  Who knew such a large canvas would be so difficult?

 She wanted bird houses, and birds..... so at least I had something to fill the space.  hee hee  I am not sure I just love the background.  Definitely need to work on creating depth and dimension in my painted spaces.
 Now, those paper filled spaces....that part I love.  hee hee....give me some patterns and I am off.
 And I can junk up the simplest patterns with a few stamps and rub ons....no problem.
 How about a few flowers in the clouds?  A few more in her hair?  oh.....and maybe a bit of sparkle?
And I adore creating their clothes.  So fun.

Well, I do need to pop over to the grocery and buy a turkey before they are all gone.


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