Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Mondays are Back

Hi everyone...guess what?  It is Monday and I am back to share some food ideas from our past week.  I know I am a little late, but life is crazy busy today.

Let's jump right in....

This year Brighton needed an extra course on his transcript to stay in the charter program.  With three AP courses and 2 courses at the JC I decided I would teach the elective.  Guess what he is taking....Food and Nutrition!  I am teaching him to cook (and Mackenzie).  Don't you love a man who cooks.....Anyway.  He decided to make fettuccine alfredo, sauteed zucchini, and a caprese salad.  Yum!  But I think we need to work on the nutrition portion as I am pretty sure this meal is high in fat.  hee hee.

Tuesday we had chicken piccatta, sauteed spinach with cannelini beans and a caesar salad.  I guess it was Italian week.  hee hee
Wednesday night was quick and easy.  Wednesday is usually salads...BLT!  So super easy.  Lettuce, lots of crispy bacon, and tons of fresh tomatoes from a friends garden.  A few croutons on top.  Delicious and so easy.
 Thursday was another easy dinner.  Grilled shrimp and vegetables with a side of rice pilaf.
 And finally, one of my faves, homemade paparadelle with a duck ragu.
This one was totally yummy and since it was my absolute fave (only 200 calories for all that ragu), here is the link for the recipe at Fine Cooking.  Now, if you don't care for duck, I am sure you could make a very similar dish with chicken thighs and legs.  Super easy too!

OK, well....time to get back to work.  Did I mention it is crazy here?


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