Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday

Hooray for Fridays!  And today is a special is my baby boys birthday!  woo hoo!!!!  16 years ago I became a mom!  Anyway, before continuing with the days work and festivities I thought I would drop by and share this......

A shot of all my lovelies in Seattle just a few weeks ago.  Brighton is getting so big, the top of his head is always getting cut out of the photos.  hee hee  He is just about 6 feet tall now, a good 9 inches taller than me and 4 more than Phil.
Pink Paislee Daily Junque, Prima Marketing flowers, Unknown ribbon.  
And on the topic of things I enjoy.....Last weekend we purchased an outdoor fire pit.  We have been looking to get something since our old one broke a few years ago...but could never quite decide.  Well, we finally did....And it has been great!  We went with a propane fire, which, while not being quite the same as a wood, is much easier to deal with.  Which means...just about every night this week we have been out in the yard enjoying a fire.  I don't think the tv has been turned on once!  And if a few marshmallows and some propane is all it takes to make for some quality family time....I am all for it.  hee hee

Well, anyway...back to work here.  Hope you have a great Friday!


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