Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Have a Secret

I don't like to tell when I am going to be out of town.  Even though I have a house sitter...someone who lives in my house while I am gone...I don't like to tell.  So, I set up my blogs to post ahead of time, and not mention a thing on Facebook, and then I go.  This time, I was gone for almost 2 weeks!  I bet you didn't even notice.  hee hee

Where did I go?  Seattle, Vancouver, and then a week long cruise to Alaska.  

I just finished unpacking and downloading all my photos.  And of course, school had to start, so I have begun that.  No time to edit photos yet, but here are a few straight out of the camera.
Vancouver from our hotel suite

My little darlings, not so little anymore.

South Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm Fjord.  We were about 700 yards from it.  Amazing!
The port of Ketchican
Sailing through the most beautiful rainbow
Well, I have almost 1000 photos to scrap so I guess I should get busy.  hee hee  Be back soon with some scrapiness, hopefully.



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