Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is Monday....

Today is Monday....Monday Green Beans...OK, not really, Monday was Sour Cream Enchiladas.  lol...but that song is going through my head right now.  If you are not familiar with it, look for this book at your local library, or buy it at your favorite bookseller.  I miss my little ones being....little.  hee hee  One of the librarians at our local library used to sing this song at story time every week.

So, Monday was Sour Cream Enchiladas.  I love enchiladas and I am trying to get the family back to meatless Mondays.  You can find the recipe over at Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen.  They were delicious.  Although, as usual, someone decided they prefer regular, plain cheese, enchiladas to these.  Sigh, is nice to add something to the rotation.  hee hee

Tuesday we had Chicken Tortas.  For those of you unfamiliar with Tortas, it is a Mexican sandwich.  For these I fried some chicken breasts (a real treat that Brighton had been begging for, I don't like to fry ) and added jalapeƱos, chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and avocado...all on a fresh roll.  (be sure to scoop out some of the extra bread.  Here is a tasty recipe at Food Network if you need one.

Wednesday we had Tacos.

Thursday was Macaroni and Cheese with broccoli.  Boring, but the children love it.  I won't bore you with a photo.

And finally, Friday Phil came home and made smothered pork chops.  Which, I don't have a photo for because, well..we were in a hurry to eat so we could get to Mackenzie's parent observation at ballet.

Well, not really any recipe to share since everything is fairly simple.  So...let's get onto the good stuff.  

Last week, one of my lovely little darlings did not appreciate me trying to expand their horizons with sweet potato fries.  And that little darling is my son!  So, Cindy d...send me your address and I will get these goodies out to you.  

For now I am off to start tonights dinner.   But I will be back later this week with lots of things to share, cards and layouts and boxes, OH MY!


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