Thursday, January 13, 2011


I started to blog last night, but then we had another Earthquake (3 now in 5 days) and I just wasn't up to it.  Well, really, just wasn't up to many things yesterday.  The dreary, cold weather is getting to me I guess.

Well, I wanted to stop by for a few minutes with a more layouts using some fabulous sketches I have found. The first one is from my good friend, Heather, over at Ideas for Scrapbookers.  She has a digital template as well as the sketch if you are into that type of thing, which I am not....  lol  I just can't get past the love of paper.

I am trying to work my way through some of my older papers to make room for new.  lol  And the colors in the Basic Grey Fruitcake line were great with the tint of these photos.

Basic Grey Fruitcake, Making Memories sheer embellishments and flower, Maya Road trims

And this time I even managed to stick pretty close to her sketch and not junk it up with all kinds of flowers and embellishments.  hee hee

This one I did with the Catch the Moments Love Kit that has been laying on my desk (well, was laying, it is gone now...cry) and a sketch from Ally Scraps.
Catch the Moments Kits - Love Kit, American Crafts...everything!  lol

Ainsley loves opening presents, Christmas is the best in her book!  She can't wait to dig in.  hee hee  And she was thrilled with all the pink Barbie goodies.  shhh, don't tell, she still loves Barbie!    Probably should have gone with something more pink...but I love these papers.

Lots of fun cool things going on over at the Catch the Moments forums!  Sneaks, sales, chatting, fun! maybe even a challenge or two!

Well, gotta run!  Tomorrow is the end of the semester for Brighton's online classes and this weekend is our huge Zones swim meet (1800 swimmers).  We are busy, busy, busy!




Holly* said...

aw! great layouts and that is so sweet! i remember adoring my barbies. not sure why we outgrow them.

Tara O said...

I love BOTH LO's...but wow, I love the photo in the first on bottom right!! Great composition!

Heather Landry said...

Oh my gosh! So funny that you are changing your blog when I just changed mine tonight too. Great minds! I love the background you picked. I'm sorry about all of the earthquakes. I would so totally be freaked out. I don't mind when you "junk up" my sketches. I think all of your layouts are beautiful!

Elisabeth said...

3 earthquakes? That would freak me out! Love your layouts! Especially the second one with the cool circle. 1800 swimmers - wow, that's a lot! Big hugs!

hilde janbroers said...

thank you for becoming a follower of my blog! Have a great Sunday!

I'm following yours now as well! :-)