Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

I could have sworn I had blogged early this week/over the weekend....but alas, I was mistaken.  So, what I did do was update my blog.  hee hee  I found a super cute template over at The Cutest Blog on the Block.  It made everything so easy...or so you would think.  I had to do some adjusting of the template to make the fonts the sizes I wanted, and have the text be justified the way I like...and since I stink at HTML......

Anyway....enough of that!  How about some fun projects?

First I have a few more cards from the Sassy Lil' Send off.  Sigh....what am I going to do when there are no more sketches......

And a fun canvas from my She Art class....which, I am loving.
This one is for a friend....she knows who she is and I hope she loves it.

Well, Ainsley is calling....back to work.


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