Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late

Yes, I know that yesterday was Monday...but Mondays are crazy!  That is one of the reasons I had stopped doing the menu thing.  But....since so many of you asked...I will keep posting, but sometimes....Menu Monday may be Tuesday, or even Wednesday.  hee hee

Monday we had Butternut Squash with Tortellini.  Phil liked it, I liked it, Brighton thought the squash was a little too soft..but he liked it.  The girls....not so much.  I may try again and just cook the squash less.  It was super easy to make and you know I love my meatless Monday.  The recipe comes from Real Simple magazine and you can find it here.
 Tuesday we had Pioneer Woman's Cajun chicken pasta.  Yummo!!!!!  I left the veg nice and crisp because we like our veg crisp.  Also, I didn't add nearly the same amount of cajun seasoning because someone here doesn't like spicey food, darn it..  hee hee  Recipe is here.
 Wednesday was Chicken Waldorf Salad because that is Brighton's favorite and with apples coming back in season....how can I say no?
 Thursday I tried something new.  Not totally new mind you, but a little new.  Crazy day ahead so I took my usual lasagna recipe and made it in the crock pot.  I didn't get any of the crispy brown bits which I enjoy, but it was really soft and gooey.  Kids like it that way.  hee hee
 Friday we had yummy quesadillas.  Vegetarian....with salsa rice and salad.  So tasty and cheesy.
Well, gotta run.  I will be back tomorrow with a fun home decor project!



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