Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Wednesday

And that means the week is half over!  Hooray!!!

Lots of fun planned this weekend.  We have already purchased our ticket to Harry Potter and have dinner reservations at a super fun fondue restaurant.  And, if I play my cards right, I may have time to scrap!
The weekend simply can't get here fast enough.

Well, while we wait what about a little sneak of something fabulous happening this Friday!
Devon, at Catch the Moments Kits was planning on having a Black Friday sale...but then thought, everyone has a Black Friday sale! So, she decided to have a Friday before Black Friday sale...Details tomorrow, but this Friday CTM kits will be having the BIGGEST sale ever!   How fun is that!

And finally, a project I completed for the Color Combos Galore weekly challenge.

Ainsley loves playing with Zinca.  We have tons of colors so you can really decorate for swim meets.  It stays on in the water, and being made of zinc oxide makes a great sunblock.  Far be it from me to keep the children from using sunblock.  lol

Well, gotta run.  Still have dishes to do from dinner.


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