Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday

Yep, it is that time again...time to tell you what we had for dinners this week and share a recipe!  

We had a full and busy week, yet again!  But somehow we managed to all eat dinner each and every night!  lol

Meatless Monday - I guess, technically, this is not meatless cause we added bacon bits...but mostly meatless Monday was huge (like 1 lb.) baked potato with a caesar salad.

Tuesday night we tried chicken cacciatore again.  This time I made Pioneer Woman's recipe...with some garlic mashed potatoes.  Yummm!  This recipe was tasty, although Mackenzie thought the veggies were a little mushy.  

Wednesday night was Mexican cobb salad.  Sooooo good!

Thursday...well, it was scout night.  On the first Thursday of the month we have the boy scout youth leaders over for pizza and salad (I make them eat salad LOL  at first they didn't really eat much, but now I am making like 3-4 heads of lettuce) so they can plan out the coming month's events.  Did you know that Phil is the scout master?  Well....anyway.  We had pizza and salad.   But I am thinking we are going to have to rethink this because we are having more boys show up, and...well....good pizza gets expensive (I am not doing Little Caesars!)

And Friday night, we had this.....

Lasagna and zucchini.  I had planned on having pork in the crock pot.  But, the meat wasn't defrosted, which meant, I couldn't make it.  And really, big hunks of meat don't defrost well in the microwave.  You know what does defrost?  Sausage and ground beef.  Not exactly a quick meal, but really tasty.  Sorry about the photo quality.  It was a long night.

Well, anyway...that's what we had.  And now for a recipe to share.  I would share the garlic mashed potatoes, but that is one we are still working on.  Just can't seem to get the garlic ratio right.  So let's do the salad.  I make so many big, dinner salads and people ask what I put in, so here is.....

Mexican Cobb Salad

3 hearts romaine, chopped
2 grilled chicken breasts - sliced
1/2 cup corn salsa
1/2 cup roasted red bell pepper - chopped
2 avocado - chopped
4 slices bacon - chopped
1/4 cup cojita crumbles (dry Mexican cheese, but use whatever you like)

In the bottom of your bowl or dish place the chopped lettuce.  Across the top of the lettuce make strips of your ingredients, alternating colors and textures to make it pretty.

I like my salad composed, because this way everyone can take the stuff they like and leave what they don't, and, it seems all the yummy things sink to the bottom when you toss a salad, and this way they stay on top, where I can see them.  lol

Well, I will be back tomorrow to share some scrappy goodies with you.


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