Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Monday...again

Lots of yummy-ness this week.  If I do say so myself.  lol

On Monday, Ainsley made macaroni and cheese...Yep, my 9 year old decided she wanted to cook dinner and made macaroni and cheese, by herself, in the crock pot!  Here she is with her plate, her pasta, salad and tomatoes.  Yummm.  Funny thing tho...she didn't like it.  She was the one, we all thought it was tasty.
Tuesday we made Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Calzones.  There were a huge hit.  I found the recipe in her cookbook, but I also saw it on the above link, if you are so inclined.

Wednesday we had white chicken chili.  I am really not sure why this recipe was called white many yummy peppers, anaheim, poblano, jalapeƱ was more green.  lol  The recipe came from America's Test Kitchen.  You can find a copy of the recipe here.

Thursday the children had grilled chicken sandwiches and fries.  Phil and I had chicken caesar salads.  yummmm

And finally, Friday...we had beef enchiladas, zucchini and rice.   Why do I make things like enchiladas?  So much work...but so good.  hee hee 

Well, since this week, all my recipes came from other websites and cookbooks, and I am not into new recipe.  sigh

I promise to try and have something fabulous and original next week.


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