Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Vacation

Lately I have become a bit paranoid, so when we decided to head out to the beach for a little r&r I didn't tell my internet friends.  Everyone always says you shouldn't announce you will be gone because you are just advertising that your house is empty.  Well, my house wasn't empty as I always have a house sitter, but I was gone.  Sorry, no bloggin'.  The cottage we rented was supposed to have internet, but it was flaky at best.  I will try to update you over the next few days with lots of goodies from my trip.  And hopefully find some time to do some scrappin to share.

Another reason why do you not tell people you are out of town?  Because when you come home, they greet you with this....

After a week of sun and sand, I guess my swim team felt the need to bring a little snow into my life.  From what I hear, somewhere in the neighborhood of 96 rolls.  Yep, it is nice to be loved.  And we were feeling the love for about 3 hours this morning as we cleaned it all up.


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