Monday, August 2, 2010


Things have really quieted down these last few days.  The boys are off to Boy Scout camp, so it is just us girls for a few days.  And there is no swim, no ballet, no....anything (well, maybe a playdate or two, LOL).  Other than a few errands we have been a bunch of lazy bums.  Sleeping late, watching tv, playing on the computer, and for me....scrapbooking!

Here are two I wanted to share.

The first one comes from the July 28th sketch at Sassy Lil Sketches.  These are photos from Ainsley's birthday party.  We finally managed to squeeze in her party and just a little over a month after her actual birthday.  hee hee

And another....Mackenzie at our championship swim meet just a few weeks ago.  She is always so serious.  This one is from a July Page Maps sketch.

I have one more on the table almost done.  But I think I hear a glass of wine and the television calling my name.


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