Friday, June 18, 2010


Now, don't get me wrong.  I love summer.  The weather is beautiful.  The children don't have school, so I get a break, and we usually squeeze in a trip or two.  The only problem is that when I say "squeeze", I really mean "squeeze".  Our days are so full with swim and ballet that it seems we don't have time to do the fun stuff.

Today we managed to squeeze in a few things tho.  After swim practice, also known as "fun Friday"...cause there isn't much practice, mostly games. We grabbed a few friends and headed down south a bit to do some berry picking.  Yummy!!!  We picked ollalieberries and boysenberry.  Both are delicious.  So delicious that we managed to come home with almost 15 pounds of these suckers.  And since they didn't weigh the children before they started grazing picking the berries we may have actually brought home even more.....

What am I going to with so many berries?  Good question.  I have frozen 7 pounds of the boysenberries (they had mealy bugs and I really wanted those suckers dead) and two trays (maybe 3 pounds) of the ollalies.  I also made a yummy blackberry cobbler for desert tonight.  Which was a very good thing since we also managed to squeeze in picking up a side of beef this afternoon.  200 lbs.  Man, my freezer is full!  hee hee And I have no idea where I am going to put the rest of the berries.  Anyone have an idea?  I keep trying to squeeze more in, but I think we are maxed.

The girls managed to keep Daniel for the afternoon, so on top of piano lessons and processing berries, they had a play date.  Which is a good thing, cause it is summer, right????  And we have to squeeze in the fun when we can.

Tomorrow promises to be fun packed with a swim meet and the team overnighter!  Poor Phil, Father's day this year will be a bit of a bummer with grumpy children and exhausted wife.  Did I mention I, as president of the team get to stay up all night?  Well, maybe not all...I may manage to get 2 or 3 hours.  And sometime in there I need to squeeze in a trip to the grocery.

On the bright side tho...I did manage to squeeze in a bit of scrappy time.

Well, with the swim meet in the morning I should try and squeeze in some time with the hubby and some sleep.

What are you squeezing this weekend?


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