Thursday, June 3, 2010

And...once again....

As I am with a more thorough update of what has been happening these last few days (ok, last week.  lol)  This is gonna be pretty photo strap yourselves in.

As you know, my in-laws were in town for the long weekend.  It was super fun having them here.  My MIL taught the girls to sew.

Each girl made two pairs of pants to wear to the pool.

We had time trials with the cabana swim photos....too busy.  Need to get on that this week.  hee hee

Mackenzie had her dance performance with the Ballet San Jose.  No photos allowed to be taken in the theatre, but I do have these of her after....

And yes, that is stage makeup.  My 12 yo is not allowed to wear makeup yet.  I know, mean mom.  lol

With the beautiful weather we broke out the hammock, and the girls had to play in it.

We found a baby hummingbird in the backyard.

Those are Phil's icky hands.  He had been smoking a ham for dinner.

And went to the California Academy of Sciences.

Where we ran into ...
OK, we didn't actually "run into"  we planned on meeting...but any chance to see them.  hee hee

And that, was my Memorial Day Weekend.  

Told ya it would be a lot of photos.

I will be back tomorrow to share some of the scrappiness I have been up to.  



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