Tuesday, January 21, 2014

These Were So Much Better in My Head

Hey everyone!  Don't you hate it when you have an idea for a project....and you work so hard....and in the endd, eh.  That's how I feel about this project.

I have had Ice Resin in my stash for quite some time...I have been accumulating bezels...and I finally broke down and decided to make something.  But, in the end.  bleh

I think I should have used vintage Santa Images inside...something a little brighter.  I love the boxes, and I love the bezels.  I just do NOT love the combination.  lol

Here is a photo of the bezels.  At least I think I may have gotten over my fear of Ice Resin?  Maybe?

The boxes were cut on my Cricut and I hand wired the bezels and beads with a bit of wire and some findings from Tim Holtz.


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