Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vintage Mint Kit - Hydrangea Hippo

Hi everyone!  Today I want to share with you a mini album I made using the gorgeous Vintage Mint kit from Hydrangea Hippo featuring the Hope Chest collection from Pink Paislee.

I have a lot of chipboard sheets lying around and thought it would be fun to create my own mini album.  I started with two sheets of 6×8 inch chipboard.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial1

I scored each at two inches along the long side.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial2
And then cut the center out of one of the sheets (approximately 4×4).
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial3

I glued the two inch pieces together to create the binding of my album.
Then I poked holes with roughly a 1/2 inch spacing, one inch from the top and the bottom.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial4
and painted the chipboard.
I then created the registers by folding a two pieces of 6×12 patterned paper in half, one inside the other, and poked a hole one inch from the top and bottom in the center fold.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial5
I created four of these registers.  I then ran baker’s twine , from the Hydrangea Hippo Etsy shop, from the back of the chipboard, through the registers and back through the chipboard.  I then tied the twine tightly.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial6nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial7
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album tutorial9

Once I completed all four registers I covered the chipboard with patterned paper and embellished it heavily.
nancykeslin_hydrangea hippo_july kit_album cover
This kit is full of so many gorgeous goodies; flowers, vinyl pieces, and the most beautiful feathers, not to mention the incredible trims.  Finally I  added a few butterflies that I printed and cut from the Internet.


Elisabeth B said...

Oh my, Michelle. This is simply BEAUTIFUL. I wonder what you will use it for!

Sharon Fritchman said...

WOW, WOW!!! This is absolutely beautiful in every single way. And thanks for showing us how you made it, too!

Heather Landry said...

Absolutely gorgeous and so creative. It looks really sturdy and awesome! I love the embellishments you chose.