Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Quicky?

Hi everyone!  Oh much going on and so little time.  I have had plenty of paper ideas swimming in my head, but nothing yet I am ready so share.  I even have a few finished projects waiting to be posted...but again, not yet.

So, I thought I would just stop in today for a quick.  Back in February I took a Gilded Valentine's class over at Christy Tomlinson's site.  Tons of fun.  One of the projects we did was a sweet little heart pillow.  In then end, I made three.  One pillow didn't get stuffed but became a purse for my darling niece, Lili.  One shabby pillow is hanging here in my scrap space....

And this one, these lovely bits of lace and is for Ainsley.

We cut and dyed and used gobs of fabri-tac.  Oh what messy fun.  Ainsley of course has plans for her American Girl dolls to sleep on this.  I am not so sure how comfy a shabby pillow really is to rest your head, but.....

OK, well....back to the grindstone.


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