Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Have a Secret

Some of my secrets I am going to share, but some are really special and...well...I have blurred them out.  They are secrets after all.  And while I love sharing, not all my secrets need to be on the web.  hee hee

Yesterday I told you about a fun challenge over on where you were supposed to make a mini album featuring yourself.  My mini album is a work in progress, but I did get quite a few pages done and wanted to share them with you.

You probably remember the cover.....

And here are the inner pages I have completed.  All the photos are recent...Mostly because I didn't want one of my secrets to be that I was hiding behind 10 year old photos!  That is me...just Monday, wrinkles and all.  lol

Yep, I warned you....some of the journaling is a secret and I have taken it out.  Sorry...but I have to retain some mystery.  hee hee

 I really, really, really, love Prima...lace, flowers, papers...oh my!  Oh, and book pages.  I love those too.  hee hee

I sanded the edges of my photos to give them a bit of a warn, distressed look.  I didn't want to have to mount any photos and they just needed a little more definition on my page.

Well, there I am....all laid out in, I was going to say black and white...but not too much black or white here.  lol   I think I am going to have to re-bind my mini as it is getting pretty junked up pretty quickly.  And I think I will probably be adding more pages in the near future.  I have a lot of secrets I guess.  hee hee

Well, until later.


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