Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday

Sorry I haven't been around much.  To be honest, I am a bit under the weather.  At first I thought it only to be allergies...but Phil seems to be feeling puny as well.  Great, just great.  Here we are, rushing head long into cabana swim season and my kitchen remodel and I get sick.  Oh well....must push on.  But the weather here is not cooperating.  The temps have only been in the low 60s and it has been raining....yep, raining in May.  Of course, because I had agreed to spend the weekend at the swim meet.  Nothing better than hanging out all day at a swim meet in the cold and rain.

Ok, enough complaining...really, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  My new hardwood floors are in and the stairs have had the carpet and iron rail removed and I now have beautiful stairs with beautiful banisters!  woo hoo!!!  And this morning I picked out the granite, marble, and tile for my kitchen remodel!  So can't wait!!!!  You know me, I am always cooking; so the idea of no kitchen for weeks.....eeek!!!!!

But it will all be worth it!!!!

You know what else is worth it?  Since my house was undergoing some construction that meant not much point in look what I made instead....

Ainsley hunting for Easter Eggs in the back yard.  I have been loving the latest run of Crate Paper.  The designs are just fabulous.   This first one is based on a Pencil Lines sketch.
Crate Paper Portrait, American Crafts Thickers
 And here is sweet little Lili's toes.  Love little baby toes...and their cute little diapered baby bottoms.  hee hee.  More fabulous Crate Paper with a sketch from Creative Scrappers.
Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe, Prima Alpha (pink), Carolee's Creation Tiny Alpha
I have a few more things finished that I would love to share, but the sun hiding behind the clouds is preventing me from getting a good photo.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Until then.....


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