Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sorry, Crazy Busy

I know it has been a while, and I missed my regular Menu Monday post.  But things have been crazy, as sometimes happens with homeschooling.  I am really struggling with Ainsley completing her work and so am going to need some time to regroup and reorganize...focusing on her.  So, until then, my posts are going to be sporadic.  Educating my children needs to be my number one priority.

What does that mean?  Well...less posts, less scrappy goodness.  I still have my DT commitments, so you aren't totally rid of me.  And I enjoy playing so there still should be some of that.  But for a while at least....nothing too regular.

Before I go tho...I owe a few RAKS.  Heather, Cindy...I have your addys and you should be expecting some "happy mail" soon.  Elisabeth??? Send me your addy...I know you are in Europe, but I would love to send you at least a little something for playing.

Until then.


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