Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Monday

Not a lot of time today, trying to get a few things done before heading out for the afternoon activities...but couldn't forget to come by and share.

Monday we had Cheese Enchiladas

Tuesday, Ainsley's favorite....tacos

Wednesday - Cobb Salad

Thursday - Rigatoni

Friday - Paninis (grilled sandwiches)

Oh, since none of these items really require a recipe.  How about I share a link to something we made last week for breakfast?  Homemade pop-tarts.  Ainsley loves toaster pastries.  Not the boxed ones, but the frozen.  Well, I thought it would be fun to make them from scratch.    We didn't add the frosting because they would have been super sweet.  

So, delicious.  Light, flaky..oh so good.  Well, everyone but Ainsley thought so.  Seems she likes hers soggy, not flaky and crisp.  sigh  But if you are looking for a special breakfast treat, I would highly recommend these.


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