Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots of....

Woo hoo!!!  It is Friday and you know what that means?  It is almost the weekend.  And I am just thrilled because this weekend I am going to baby sit my niece while my sister heads to the spa.  Yep, you heard me...I picked baby sitting over a massage.  Maybe not the best choice I have made, but I am looking forward to it none the less.

And lucky for me I will have lots of help with the baby sitting.  Last time Lili came over, Ainsley was a great helper.  Lili decided she really enjoyed chocolate kisses.  Ainsley decided to be the one to help her clean up.

I used a Pencil Lines sketch for this and my last few bits of Sassafrass Mix and Mend.  I added in a few different flowers and lace and called it done.  hee hee

Well, I hope to not only find the time to babysit this weekend, but hopefully a bit of time to do some scrapping as well.

Hope you have something fun planned.


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