Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Flying

Summer seems to be flying by.  I can't believe that Brighton is taking his JC entrance exams, swim is over (thank goodness) and ballet summer intensive is almost over.  I have purchased and unpacked all of our school materials for the coming year.  Where did the summer go?

I know, I know...we do still have a few weeks left, and believe me...I mean to make the most of them.

Still not a lot of free time to play with paper.  I did find the time to create this....

When I saw this paper in the scrapbook store, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Lots of fussy cutting here.  I cut, distressed, and curled the paper using water.  I added a bit of Rock Candy Stickles on the witches hair, the Cheshire cat and the tea pot.  I embellished many flat Prima flowers with UTEE, Platinum Stickles and some e-Line bling.  Should I come back with a tutorial for you?  Tons of fun and really updates those jars of flowers I have sitting on the shelf.

I hosted Ainsley's 9th birthday party Monday night.  Yep...on a Monday, and....Phil's birthday to boot.  But there was a window available to have the party and I have to take what I can get these days.  Poor thing had to wait over a month to have her party and she simply couldn't wait any longer (we were thinking September looked good.  LOL).  Phil was such a good sport even agreeing to share a birthday cake (Coldstone Cookie Dough) even though he doesn't care for it.

The girls all had a great time.   They played games, braided hair, and for a fun craft....

Decorated flip flops.  It is hard to see, but we added bits of bling lines and lots of flowers.  All the girls were just thrilled with their new shoes.

Well, off to get something done.  Maybe even a little scrapping?



Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Guys!

After a very busy weekend, we come to Monday.  Why does Monday always have to come after the weekend. It seems I am just getting settled, maybe getting a little rest, and then all of a sudden.....BOOM!!! back at it again.

At least this week there is no swim! swim!!!!!  For the next few weeks we will not be swimming, no practice, no meets, no meetings.  ahhhhhh.  I can almost feel the relaxation coming.  And I say almost because, well, even tho swim season is over we still have ballet summer intensive through the end of the week.  And it is parent observation!  So this is my rare opportunity to watch Mackenzie in action.  Oh well, soon enough we will all be able to sleep in.  And speaking of sleeping in....

Brighton.  He slept till 10:30 today.  So unusual for him.  Do you think he might be growing? again?  That boy is becoming a giant!  He had a great meet over the weekend.  Maybe he is just tired?  He managed a few new A times and even swam the A relay.  So proud!!!

Ainsley wasn't quite as successful with her meet.  She just aged up and is now swimming 50s instead of 25s.  But I am sure she will be getting those times back up soon.

This was our last meet swimming for Splash.  The children are sad to be leaving their friends, but excited to be moving to the new team and making new friends.  Phil is already getting told he will be needing a promotion soon.  hee hee  He can't stay a stroke & turn judge forever I guess.  

Well, all of this swimming and housework didn't leave much time for scrapping, but I did find time to make these....

for our swim team coaches.  I stuffed a chocolate bar, a gift card and a little note inside.  Totally lifted these off my co-Sassy, Cheryl.    She made the cutest candy bar holders using her Gypsy and Design Studio.  Well, I don't have a Gypsy, or a Design Studio, so I had to improvise.  My good friend Heather made the folder file for me in Inkscape.  I found the lemon here.  

I have only managed one layout tho....

from the Sassy Lil Sketches July 21st reveal. to Ainsley's sleepover birthday.  Be back soon.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Over

Yep, it is over. Cabana season is a wrap, and I still have a few short weeks of summer left.  The cabana team will have a fun work party in September, but for now, I don't even want to think of my beloved penguins.  Our team did not have a terribly successful season.  But we did have tons of fun.  That is my story....I am sticking to it!

It took me a while to get back to normal after our championship meet because, well....I didn't sleep.  Why didn't I sleep?  Because being the president of the cabana team, I am a tp-ing target.  You remember tp-ing people?  Yeah, we never did it like this.....

That is my friends house.  She is also a target (or her children are).  108 rolls of toilet paper.  Pretty impressive.  That took them hours to clean.  These tp-ers have a fun little trick.  They shred toilet paper into a trash bag....then dump it all over your lawn, in your flower beds, everywhere.  Fun, fun, fun!  They did this job in about 9 minutes.  They actually set a timer so they don't stay anywhere too long.

So, no sleep because, well, I am paranoid.  hee hee.  We left Holly out of her crate the last few nights because she is a fabulous watch dog.  She goes crazy the second someone steps foot on our property.  And that of course wakes us up.  But she also barks anytime anyone walks down the street, drives down the street, animals cruise around....sigh.

I did have a little time to play with paper during those sleepless days.  I made some fun gift card holders for our coaches.

Cathy Dippolito had shown hers on Ideas for Scrapbookers just last week.  And making them seemed so much more fun then cleaning.  hee hee.  I think hers are cuter...but I was pressed for time.

I have also done a few other layouts, but nothing yet to share as these will be for Sassy Lil Sketches in August.  I am simply thrilled to be starting there as a Sassy Girl.

On that note...maybe if I step away from my computer and toward my scrap table....I might find some time to make something I can share.  hmmmmm, intriguing idea.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 Days in a Row....

And, I still am maintaining some of my sanity!  Yep, I found time to fit it all in!!!

I can't believe that cabana swim season is almost over!  Only a few more days....crazy, pull my hair out days...but only a few more.

Did I mention how we are just not having any fun this summer?  I look at the pictures and we are doing so much...but it just seems to be work.  I am really looking forward to everything being done, having some down time.  And it seems I am not alone.  Many of the moms I talk to feel the same.  hmmmmmm  No one seems to be having fun?

I think part of it is that I am missing my paper terribly.  I have touched a few little projects.  Invitations for Ainsley's birthday party, a layout I love for my first Sassy Lil Sketches assignment (nope, you have to wait), another layout for Sassy Lil Sketches (July 7 sketch),

And a fun box I made using my Sizzix over on Ideas For Scrapbookers.

Well, just about time to run out to the pool...surprise, surprise, surprise.  But before I do, did you see the sale they have going on over at Your Memories Here?   Lots of yummy goodness, including the best deal I have ever found on Glimmer Mists.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back ( heavy)

But only for a quick minute.

Life is crazy, crazy busy.  Swim season is kicking my bootie right now.  With "fun" activities for the swimmers, meetings, meets, and general administrative duties; this time of the season is just no fun.  Add to that ballet summer intensive and my life just seems to be spinning out of control.

Funny really.  I have spoken with a number of friends in the last few days and we all agree that this summer has been no fun.  sigh  What every happened to long lazy summers?

Going Backwards to July 4th weekend....

Two swim meets which I didn't get photos of....but, I promise...they happened.

Our Age outs.

Our Swim Team 15-18 Beach Barbque and Bonfire
Yep, Ainsley and Mackenzie get to go cause...well, can't leave them home alone.  hee hee
We had about 20 kids (plus mine).  Fun, fun, fun.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band Tourny at my house for the 12-14 age group. Again 20 or so kids.

Great America with the Fam.  Only the 5 of us for this one!  lol

Another beach day, this time the family.  Why won't Brighton let me take his photo?

Fireworks in the Parking Lot next to the hotel on the raft trip.
(yes, we swept the entire lot after we finished, had buckets of water handy just in case, and plenty of adult supervision)

And our annual swim team raft trip.

And I wonder why I am always so tired.  

Well, speaking of busy...time to run to my league board meeting.  Tonight is champs walk thru and exceptions.  



Friday, July 2, 2010


Life is rushing quickly right now.  I am not sure if it is swim team, ballet, housework...but the days are flying.  The week has been quite an adventure so far, with the swim team scavenger hunt, board meetings, a swim meet, shopping for new dance shoes....really?  I don't know where it went.

Today we are getting ready to head out on our swim team's annual raft trip.  Tons of fun in the sun....

if you like being drenched with buckets of water.  

Or maybe you prefer getting shot in the ear with a water cannon?

These photos are from last year.  The water is sooooo cold.  But it is usually quite hot outside, so you dry quickly.

We will also have the opportunity to play with "safe and sane" fireworks.  They are illegal here in my county, but where we are going.......

They may only be a few feet off the ground, but the children love lighting them and watching them go off.  

Well, lots more to do today before we head out.  I will be back with photos from the scavenger hunt (as soon as the children email me them) and the raft trip and fireworks soon.

Have a fantabulous 4th of July, Canada Day, or just a great weekend!