Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More About Balls

So, along with all the fun goings on yesterday, I forgot to mention a few, not so successful things. lol Because, contrary to what many people think of me....I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. I have my fair share of trials and tribulations every day.

For instance. Did you know that if you wait till 10 days before Christmas to put up your exterior Christmas lights and find that 1/2 of the ones you own no longer work, you will not be able to find them in stores? Seems you can purchase Christmas lights in August now, but not in December. This has been a hard realization this year for Phil. He doesn't believe that all holiday shopping needs to be completed by Thanksgiving weekend or everyone will be sold out. Sorry honey.

Also, did you know that you can't make toffee when it is humid? Yep, the butter will come out of suspension and get really yucky looking. Did you know that if that happens, you can add hot water, bring the toffee back to temperature and it will mix back in? Yep, but it will just separate again if it is humid. lol

Oh, and last but not least....have I told you how much I hate ants? Yep, I do...and that if you find one trail leading from your neighbors yard into your house and you spray it, you shouldn't stop there? Cause there may be another trail from somewhere else?

All in all...a very mixed day. lol

To leave on a lighter is a card I made with my cricut. I love my cricut. hee hee



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh My Goodness....

Time is just flying by these last few days. The weekend was a blur of ballet. The Ballet SJ Nutcracker opened on Thursday. So far there have been 7 performances. The girls have been in 3, Phil has been in 4. And it's not done yet! lol Add to that cookies, fudge, toffee, handmade is a little insane. Oh, and did I mention that somehow, thru all of this...we still need to find time to homeschool?

Ainsley is terribly excited as she just completed the third grade math curriculum. She is feeling very proud of herself knowing that after the holidays she gets to start fourth grade.

Mackenzie is also doing very well with her classes, while spending more and more time pursuing her artistic bent. She is trying to do some work with blue screens (impromptu table cloth hung from curtain rod). While she hasn't been totally successful, she is having so much fun trying. And what is she trying? Well, she has composed a song, both music and lyrics and is recording what looks to be twins of herself singing. I am always amazed with her talent. Of course this means her computer drawings have fallen to the way side for now, but I am sure when she begins her next class that interest will be sparked once again.

Brighton? Brighton too is doing well. He has finally gotten the hang of a classroom, even if it is only virtual, and is doing quite well in his courses. Swimming remains his main focus.

So, what else? Finally got my plans together for CHA. Can't wait to go! I am taking three courses while there and am looking forward to meeting some of the manufacturers and designers I have gotten to "know" online. I have a layout that is drying on my desk and am hoping to make a Christmas house out of patterned paper in the next few days.
And today? Today I played with balls! Yeah...balls. Family wanted spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. And for years, I have wanted to make cake balls. So balls it was. hee hee
Did I mention that Mackenzie helped? Those are red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Yummy. We are dunking in white and milk chocolate. (Brighton wanted milk)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crafting with the Kids

What possessed me to decide today to craft with the kids? Could it be that they have been asking to play with paper, die cuts, glitter?

So, after dinner we sat down in the craft room to make some things. Snowflakes, snowmen, tags, trees, cards...whatever they wanted. Ainsley and I made this for her ballet teacher with the cricut.

Yeah, that lasted about 10 minutes. They decided they would much rather watch Enchanted on the laptop. Oh well....we did get a few things made. Mackenzie made these with the Cricut. Then added some glitter. So sparkly.

I made a tree after they ran off. I had seen the idea on the Prima blog a while back. They used a lolipop flower, a hat pin and some pearl centers. I didn't have any of those things! lol So I used some beautiful Prima paper cut with my sizzix, embossing powder, lots of zip dry glue and some old bling flourishes. I think it came out really well.
Maybe we will try again tomorrow. Everything is finally cleaned up and put away! lol



Drool Worthy Goodies

Why, oh why...when I have absolutely no time whatsoever to do anything other than Christmas....when I am scrambling as fast as I can to get presents made, purchased, wrapped and shipped do I come across such gorgeous things to make and do? Or buy for myself! LOL

Have you seen these goodies at Prima?

Or how about some vintage Basic Grey at Embellish online? This one is for you Amanda! lol

Or maybe some beautiful cards from Cheryl?

Yeah.....well...maybe if I start right now? lol


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I can't believe it has been almost a week since my last blog. So many things going on. So many things I have wanted to write about, but...... Busy, busy, busy!!!!

The weekend was full of craziness! The usual housework, laundry, errands. Add in some baking (gotta have homemade treats during the holidays), some gift making...cause, well....I love making gifts. sigh Where did the time go?

Monday was, well....Monday. And it was cold!!!! Meeting with our ES about the children's school. Which was very pleasant. Almost unbelievably so. Maybe this charter school thing isn't as bad as I originally thought? Time will tell. But the children were happier, I was happier.....

Tuesday was crazy as well. I hosted a piano recital at my home...we had 10 students and 25 total my living room! How did I fit 25 people and a 12 foot tree in my living room?

The tree in the background, next to where the people are sitting...well, now you have a little perspective to just how big that tree is. lol

Luckily, I had plenty of chairs and food to go around. Can't let anyone go hungry. Guess I still got a bit of the South left in me even after 14 years in California! LOL

And that bit of southern girl...she if freezing! It has been crazy cold.

Brighton usually gets up on Tuesday mornings to go to swim practice at 5:00 a.m. (Those of you who know me well, know that that was not my idea. I love my sleep! hee hee) Anyway, he chose not to go cause it was just too flippin cold. A friend texted him from the pool....telling him how he missed out because, well.....THERE WAS ICE ON THE COVERS!!!!!!

I am sorry, if there is ice on the pool covers, you don't need to be at the pool at 5:30 in the morning swimming. Go back to bed...where it is nice and warm. LOL

Of course, I need to get out of bed! The holidays are coming way too fast. I think in a few days I may be able to relax and breathe...that is if I can finish my shopping...maybe after the weekend? Oh, and more gifts to make...and wrap...and ship. sigh

I love the holidays! No really? I do...I know it sounds crazy, with all the goings on...but it really is fabulous!

How could you not love the holidays, with those three to be there with you every step of the way!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Life has been so busy! Yesterday we had the house treated for termites. Eeek. They treated with orange oil, so at least it smells good. Today was the piano tuner and the girls had a Nutcracker call. Add to that housework, errands and the never ending obsession with Facebook and you can totally understand why my Jessica Sprague class hasn't been done.

Anyway, yesterday was about warmth. We were supposed to journal about the feeling to have a perfectly decorated holiday home, but what we really want, is warmth. Guilty! lol

Today we were to talk about joy, and things that bring us joy. There are many things in my life that bring me joy. Of course, my children and my husband are always making me laugh...but there are Christmas decorations that make me smile as well. My salt and pepper shaker collection, (especially my snow globe ones) my Santas, my new white Christmas tree. So, when you add all the things that make me smile to those in my life who make me laugh, perfection! And maybe a little insanity....but isn't that what it is all about? Joy!

OK, here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Oh, and no....I did not have another baby! That is my niece, Lili! Isn't she just a little doll! Talk about Joy!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is Upon Us

I can't believe how quickly time rushes by. When I was younger it seemed that time practically stood still. Oh how I wish it was that way now. Everything and everyone always in such a hurry. sigh

Seems I have been doing a lot of sighing lately. Such is life I guess.

Well, the holidays are upon us. The house is completely decorated and while I am no where near done shopping, I have done some. Which is a good thing with only 24 more days left till Christmas.

All three children went to the orthodontist today. Yep, while we were there, Ainsley decided that she wanted to have an appointment as well, so they gave her an appointment. Fit her in. So, now...all three have ortho appointments. sigh

Ainsley has crowding, Mackenzie needs to have two teeth pulled (cause she doesn't like to wiggle, the teeth won't fall out) and Brighton.......wisdom teeth. I blame Phil. I don't have wisdom teeth. Never have.

Working on that Jessica Sprague class. Today was the first day. I am going to attempt to do it digital. Not my forte, too simple maybe? Need to figure out how to do all the fun, funky, more detailed stuff...but too much work. For now.

So, here goes.

and Heather, this does not mean I am coming over to the dark side. LOL



Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Thank goodness it was a long weekend.

I have so many things to be thankful for, so Thanksgiving was wonderful. While there were many hours spent cooking and cleaning, making pom pom turkeys and decorating; I also was able to spend a few hours with my mother, sister, her husband, and new baby, Lili. Phil made a fabulous feast, and I got to play sous chef. Everyone had a great time. (yeah, I know I already posted the photo of the turkeys...but they are so dang cute!)

Black Friday? Well, no early morning shopping for me. I am more a cyber Monday kinda girl. And I really like my sleep! So we had a guy come out and inspect for termites. Looks like we have a few and they are gonna treat next week. ugggh. Oh, and remember how I mentioned about Phil's supporting my frivolity? Well, he went out and got me a white tree! So happy about that. Couldn't go cut a real one on Friday like originally planned due to rain, but I did get to start decorating, and I love, love, love the white tree.

Saturday we woke to a beautiful day and headed up the mountain for our tree. Found one, right away...too bad it was about 25 feet tall. Well, went ahead and cut it anyway. You are supposed to cut high so the tree will regrow. Who would have guessed tho that it was that high? We got it home and had to trim off quite a bit to get it to fit. I think 12-13 feet is just about perfect for the space. We finished decorating tree two in the family room while Phil lit that monster. Spent the evening watching Up! with the children. Phil hadn't seen it yet. Such a touching story.

Sunday, the leftovers are running low, no way they are gonna make it for the week so groceries needed to be procured. Off to the farmer's market bright and early. And horray!!!!! It wasn't crazy crowded like it has been. I guess the novelty has worn off for many people. A few hours and a few stores later we were finally home with lots of yummy tasty treats for the week. Did you know Trader Joes has Candy Cane Joe Joes...yum!

We finally finished decorating the house. All the trees are up, the wreaths are on the door, the stockings are hung. Many hours of carols have been listened to and sung. After a light supper we are gonna have a family game night! Rock Band anyone?

Yep, a busy, busy, long weekend. But it was great!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day I am feeling incredibly blessed. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who indulges me in my frivolity, encourages my friendships, supports me in my desires! I have three beautiful children who make me laugh constantly, even when driving me insane. I have amazing friends, a beautiful house, and a rich and full life.

Sometimes, life is crazy busy and I feel that things are spinning wildly out of control, but I know that with the help of those around me...this too will pass.

And for all of you who have been asking about my pom pom turkeys...There ya go. 10 of em. The girls really enjoyed making the pom poms and hot gluing the faces. While they are based on the Martha Stewart idea, we changed them up quite a bit in the end.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Hee hee....Ainsley just makes me laugh sometimes. Where, oh where, would a child who has never stepped foot in a classroom come up with the idea that we needed to have a "hall/bathroom" pass? Really? Most of the time she doesn't even ask to be excused, but this morning I sat down and she pulled the pass out. From now on, she must use it to leave her school work. LOL Yeah, how long you think that is gonna last? She even put it on a lanyard.

Oh, and I did a little clip of my own. Somehow I got the idea into my head that I should do a Jessica Sprague online class. Yeah, one that included lots of journaling, cause you know how much I love to journal. hee hee

Well, here is a clipboard I made to hold the journaling prompts. That is as far as I have gotten in the class.....At least the price was right! FREE!!!!!

A Tale of Two Calendars

Crazy busy around here lately...but I did have time to work through two calendar kits I purchased for Christmas presents. I made one of the Basic Grey calendars last year and I really liked it. So when I saw them in the store at Michael's and had my coupon.....

Well, who would have guessed there were 5 different manufacturers with calendars this year at Michael's. All retailed for $19.99. I picked up the Basic Grey and a My Mind's know I love the shabby/distressed look.

Both come with a basic, blank calendar, chipboard, stickers, and die cuts. The MME also included ribbon and bling (love me some ribbon and bling). They both have a shabby, distressed feel to them. But all in all.....loved the Basic Grey. It was definitely more work, having more small pieces, but those smaller pieces gave each page more depth. And, all the designs were set up for a single 4x6 photo. I did not like that the MME had non standard photo sizes. The basic MME calendar tho is much prettier, more distressed looking.

I guess you would like some photos? LOL

Here you go.

Well, you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For years we have been carefully following Ainsley's eye sight. Being born with a varicose on her eye lid, we just always wanted to be extra diligent. Well, after our last eye appointment, the Dr. decided that if she wanted she could have glasses. Well, you know she wanted. Two of her best friends wear glasses.

So, today they finally came. Juicy no less. She loves them.

Just to share

I have to share this video. It is too cute.

Monday, November 16, 2009

so sorry

OK, haven't been around much and then all I do is post that I am drooling over some Prima.

But, to be honest, I really haven't been feeling well.

Hope to be back to my old self soon.



Beautiful Color

Have you seen these products. Simply beautiful colors. Just had to share.

Yeah, I know, kinda a loser blog after being gone for so long. Hope to have more time tonight. Until then....drool. LOL