Friday, January 29, 2010

Mists? A comparison

Having just gotten back from CHA, I was a little curious as to how all the mists I was seeing compare.  Of course, at every booth, the designers show the mist to their best advantage, showing their best techniques.

Luckily for me though, I own many of these mists and just happened to have, in the stash, Maya Mist, Glimmer Mist and some Smooch Spritz all in blue.

Let's see how they compare....

In order to get a true test of each mists capability to cover, I pulled three identical pieces of chipboard and the following mist colors;  Glimmer Mist - Frosty Nights, Maya Mist - Blue Mist, and Smooch Spritz - Electric Blue.


I placed a white American Crafts rub on with the initial for each mist on the chipboard.  After a bit of swirling the mists to make sure they were thoroughly mixed I sprayed each piece of chipboard one time.

As you can see from the chips, the Smooch Spritz covered the best and with the least amount of drops on the chipboard.  The Maya Mist covered very evenly with little drops.  The Glimmer Mist had quite a few large droplets.


After blotting the chipboard with a cloth, I compared them again, side by side.  You can see in the photos that the white rub ons were not discolored by the Maya Mist or the Glimmer Mist but were definitely changed by the Smooch.

The shimmer was best in the Smooch.  But since the Maya Mist wasn't a metallic, not sure it is a fair comparison.  The metallic Maya Mists do retail a bit higher though than the regular mists. 

The Smooch Spritz claims to have the best sprayer, one that leaves very few droplets; and the Maya Mists have beads in the bottle that help to mix the pigments (much like spray paint).  I think that both of those claims are true.

Glimmer Mist retails for $6.89 for 2 ounces.  Maya Mist retails for $6.99 for 2 ounces.  Smooch Spritz retails for $4.49 for .37 ounces.  All other things being equal, the Smooch would be the way to go.  But for the price, I think I would have to go with Maya Mist.  Great coverage, not too many drops and the better price.

I have a few paper flowers lying around that I may try and mist next.  Oh, and see if I can get my hands on some blue Shimmerz or the new Creative Imaginations mists to compare them as well.

Be sure to check back for updates.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CHA Day 3

Today was the last and final day for us at CHA-W.  And it was busy.  Once again, I was up long before I needed to be....any hints on how to sleep better in a hotel?  Uggggh

After a quick trip to Starbucks,  I headed over to the showroom.  Looking at a few last things before heading to my first class.  I was able to do a few more make and takes but you will have to wait to look a them till after I give the items to their future recipients....don't want to spoil the surprise.  LOL

Amanda and I headed over to Melissa Frances to place our order after a bit.  This is the first time we will be carrying her products in the store and we are so excited.  Her resins are beautiful.

So much detail, and so many ways to play.  You can leave them naked for the feel of old moldings.  Or color them with pens and mists and a little glitter for a more colorful feel.  Simply gorgeous.

We also are bringing in some glittered chipboard alphabets and the cutest little envelope and tag album.

And Melissa herself is so cute, and so sweet.  We really enjoyed chatting with her.

After the Melissa Frances order, we were off to our classes.  We made a super fun mini book with Marah Johnson from Creative Imaginations.

After our class we were able to grab a quick bite to eat before headed over to meet Adam at the Prima booth.  Had a great time placing the order....and I am sure you will be thrilled with all the beautiful goodies we have coming.    You can check out a video of the Prima booth here.  Super fun to order all that yummy Prima goodness.  And Adam was the best.  Such a great guy for putting up with us.  He had to take a break and stretch about 1/2 way through our order, but he stuck with us the whole way!


After the Prima booth I strolled around the floor a bit, checking to make sure no stone had been unturned.  And then off to my final class.

Well, all in all it has been a great couple of days.  I am totally exhausted (seriously, someone tell me what to do so I can sleep!!!)  The children are really looking forward to me being home tomorrow, and I am looking forward to seeing them (and my bed);  so, it may be a few days till I am back blogging (and posting photos).

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures and are as excited about the new products as I am.



Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 2 at CHA

Hello again from CHA.  Another fun filled exciting day is just about over, and boy was it a full one.  I woke at 5:09 a.m. almost 1/2 hour before the alarm was set to go off.  Don't you just hate that?  Well, laid in bed till I had to get moving for my 7:00 a.m. class.  And it was FABULOUS!  You R 2 Tweet was given by  Lisa Pace   with lots of fun goodies from Maya Road, Jenni Bowlin, Ranger and Duncan Enterprises.

Can you believe all that was in the bag?  And, I  soooo needed that coffee.

In the class we learned to make some gorgeous flowers, a quick and easy way to cover chipboard and then add a scalloped border.  And then.  Is this not, the cutest banner you have ever seen?

  And did I mention that I got a copy of Lisa's gorgeous book?  I guess if you have to be up and out early in the morning, this is great reason.  And I promise, when things get back to normal to show you some of the amazing things I learned.
After my class I went to stand in the line to get into the showroom.  Tim Holtz and Sizzix were having a giveaway for the first 100 people.

And we got these....

So can not wait to get home and try it.  Did I tell you how much I love Prima? 

After running so quickly to get the die, we had to think of our gameplan.  Luckily for us, there was a Prima make and take going on.  Gorgeous.

While we were waiting to make the gorgeous tag, I decided to become queen of the Primas.

After a bit more wandering around, I went over to the Making Memories booth, where I got to sit on a pink Vespa.  Just like the one I have been trying to get my husband  to buy me for the last couple of years.  Think this picture might be enough to push him over the edge?

This display is part of a huge promotion for the new "Hands Free Slice."  So fun to use, and you don't need a new machine, it is a casing for the machine you already have!  How cool is that?  Of course, if you want a new machine...well...that is up to you.

Of course, back to Prima for more goodies.

And more Prima goodness...

Seriously, you could live in the Prima booth.  So many beautiful products, such great inspiration.  Everyone so super nice.

So, what is new this year?  What am I seeing everywhere?

Jewelery.  Lots of Fun, Funky jewelery.  These are just a few of the projects that were available today.

Oh, and how about a Cricut machine that you can use to cut fondant and gum paste for cakes.  You will probably want to get a separate machine.  Something food safe and all.  But imagine the fun using all your cartridges to decorate cake goodies.

Well, that is about it for me tonight.  Another crazy busy day placing orders and taking classes tomorrow.  And I need my beauty sleep.



Making Memories Hands Free Slice (Vespa)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CHA Day One

Amanda and I have just finished dinner after our first full day at CHA.  We had such a great time looking at all the fabulous new things coming soon.  We were able to see most of our favorites and place orders for many of yours.

We started the day at Pink Paislee.  The three new paper collections are beautiful.  The colors are simply gorgeous.  The new pleated ribbon so versatile.  We know you are just gonna love these.


So gorgeous.  Can't wait to get my hands on some of these

After Pink Paislee, we wondered for a bit taking in all the sites and sounds.  We met a few "scrap celebrities" and did a few make and takes.  Then I saw this......

I so would love to move in.  lol  Thinking of bringing some Melissa Frances to Flamingo Scraps. What do you think?  Do you just love it?

More wandering...and look who we found! Brandin, from Webster's Pages.

How cute is she!  And how cute is this.....

and this

Ready for more?  How about some Prima!  Fun little make and take tag....

and cupcakes?

 and flowers

and more flowers

After a few more laps around the room, we stopped at Maya Road to see these totally adorable goodies.

Finishing up the day we found these beautiful flowers, being made at Cosmo Cricket.  I promise to come back once I get home and teach you how it is done.
 Super easy, super gorgeous.

Well, friends.  It is getting late, and I think Starbucks would like to close.  That and I have a class at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

But, I promise to bring you more fabulous finds tomorrow night.

Hugs.  Nancy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Times

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...It is always crazy around here.

My days have been filled lately with rain, rain, and more rain.  Here we are in Northern California with flash floods, tornadoes, and thunderstorms.  I don't remember moving here for this!  lol

Add to that getting ready to head down to LA for the CHA tradeshow next week and life has just been...well...out of hand.

Also, believe it or not, the cabana season for swim is starting up.  League meetings, interviewing coaches.  Goodness.  Really is busy.

I promise tho, next week...while in LA I will be posting updates including fun projects I am making.  i am signed up for 3 classes and hope to be doing a few "make - n-takes" as well.

Until then, here are a couple of layouts I have done.

I have a few other creations done, but those are under wraps.  They will be debuting on a friends blog in a month or so.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years

As promised...a little on New Years. 

New Years Eve afternoon we decided to head to San Francisco to watch my cousins Circus.  For those of you who don't know, my cousin Beth is an extremely talented performer.  You can learn more about her here.   The show was super fun.  Yes Sweet Can!  What a great way to spend a family afternoon.  Tickets were super affordable and the show was fabulous.  This group has been performing during the holidays now for a while, you can learn more about them here.

After the circus we went to an early dinner since we had to get home in time for Brighton to go to a LAN party.  For those of you who don't know, a LAN party is one where the people get together, connect their computers, so that they can play a computer game together.  I personally don't get the draw, but I am not a teenage boy.  When they got bored they also did this

While Brighton was out the girls, Phil and I stayed home to watch movies.  Oh, so dull.  But.....I did snap these....

Yep, Ainsley loves the camera!  lol

New Years day was spent putting all the holiday decorations away.  It all looks so beautiful and fresh Thanksgiving Weekend.  But by January 1.  I am so ready to see it go.  lol

My sister got back New Years Eve, so we headed up to see them that weekend.  The girls had a great time playing with Lili. 

Well, as you can see, while it wasn't spectacular, or even particularly exciting....we had a great time.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poor, Sad, Neglected Blog....

No, I haven't forgotten about you. I just can't seem to fit you in right now. I promise to try and be better. And look what I have for you today....a few fun home decor projects.

I made this with some of my old Oh Baby papers from Basic Grey, lots of mixed buttons and trims and of course, some wonderful, sparkly glitter. 

I found the template for this adorable box over at Papertrey Ink. So much great inspiration there.

This was a kit I bought ages ago from Scarlet Lime.  She has some of the cutest kits.  This mobile was designed by Melody Ross.  I changed things up a bit and added some extra yummies I had collecting dust here.  LOL 

I still do promise to come back with more photos and tales of New Years. Oh, and some photos of the redecorated office. Tons of changes in the room. Looking so much better. I can't wait to share.

For now to a swim team meeting.