Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Weekend

Thank goodness it was a long weekend.

I have so many things to be thankful for, so Thanksgiving was wonderful. While there were many hours spent cooking and cleaning, making pom pom turkeys and decorating; I also was able to spend a few hours with my mother, sister, her husband, and new baby, Lili. Phil made a fabulous feast, and I got to play sous chef. Everyone had a great time. (yeah, I know I already posted the photo of the turkeys...but they are so dang cute!)

Black Friday? Well, no early morning shopping for me. I am more a cyber Monday kinda girl. And I really like my sleep! So we had a guy come out and inspect for termites. Looks like we have a few and they are gonna treat next week. ugggh. Oh, and remember how I mentioned about Phil's supporting my frivolity? Well, he went out and got me a white tree! So happy about that. Couldn't go cut a real one on Friday like originally planned due to rain, but I did get to start decorating, and I love, love, love the white tree.

Saturday we woke to a beautiful day and headed up the mountain for our tree. Found one, right away...too bad it was about 25 feet tall. Well, went ahead and cut it anyway. You are supposed to cut high so the tree will regrow. Who would have guessed tho that it was that high? We got it home and had to trim off quite a bit to get it to fit. I think 12-13 feet is just about perfect for the space. We finished decorating tree two in the family room while Phil lit that monster. Spent the evening watching Up! with the children. Phil hadn't seen it yet. Such a touching story.

Sunday, the leftovers are running low, no way they are gonna make it for the week so groceries needed to be procured. Off to the farmer's market bright and early. And horray!!!!! It wasn't crazy crowded like it has been. I guess the novelty has worn off for many people. A few hours and a few stores later we were finally home with lots of yummy tasty treats for the week. Did you know Trader Joes has Candy Cane Joe Joes...yum!

We finally finished decorating the house. All the trees are up, the wreaths are on the door, the stockings are hung. Many hours of carols have been listened to and sung. After a light supper we are gonna have a family game night! Rock Band anyone?

Yep, a busy, busy, long weekend. But it was great!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day I am feeling incredibly blessed. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who indulges me in my frivolity, encourages my friendships, supports me in my desires! I have three beautiful children who make me laugh constantly, even when driving me insane. I have amazing friends, a beautiful house, and a rich and full life.

Sometimes, life is crazy busy and I feel that things are spinning wildly out of control, but I know that with the help of those around me...this too will pass.

And for all of you who have been asking about my pom pom turkeys...There ya go. 10 of em. The girls really enjoyed making the pom poms and hot gluing the faces. While they are based on the Martha Stewart idea, we changed them up quite a bit in the end.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Hee hee....Ainsley just makes me laugh sometimes. Where, oh where, would a child who has never stepped foot in a classroom come up with the idea that we needed to have a "hall/bathroom" pass? Really? Most of the time she doesn't even ask to be excused, but this morning I sat down and she pulled the pass out. From now on, she must use it to leave her school work. LOL Yeah, how long you think that is gonna last? She even put it on a lanyard.

Oh, and I did a little clip of my own. Somehow I got the idea into my head that I should do a Jessica Sprague online class. Yeah, one that included lots of journaling, cause you know how much I love to journal. hee hee

Well, here is a clipboard I made to hold the journaling prompts. That is as far as I have gotten in the class.....At least the price was right! FREE!!!!!

A Tale of Two Calendars

Crazy busy around here lately...but I did have time to work through two calendar kits I purchased for Christmas presents. I made one of the Basic Grey calendars last year and I really liked it. So when I saw them in the store at Michael's and had my coupon.....

Well, who would have guessed there were 5 different manufacturers with calendars this year at Michael's. All retailed for $19.99. I picked up the Basic Grey and a My Mind's know I love the shabby/distressed look.

Both come with a basic, blank calendar, chipboard, stickers, and die cuts. The MME also included ribbon and bling (love me some ribbon and bling). They both have a shabby, distressed feel to them. But all in all.....loved the Basic Grey. It was definitely more work, having more small pieces, but those smaller pieces gave each page more depth. And, all the designs were set up for a single 4x6 photo. I did not like that the MME had non standard photo sizes. The basic MME calendar tho is much prettier, more distressed looking.

I guess you would like some photos? LOL

Here you go.

Well, you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For years we have been carefully following Ainsley's eye sight. Being born with a varicose on her eye lid, we just always wanted to be extra diligent. Well, after our last eye appointment, the Dr. decided that if she wanted she could have glasses. Well, you know she wanted. Two of her best friends wear glasses.

So, today they finally came. Juicy no less. She loves them.

Just to share

I have to share this video. It is too cute.

Monday, November 16, 2009

so sorry

OK, haven't been around much and then all I do is post that I am drooling over some Prima.

But, to be honest, I really haven't been feeling well.

Hope to be back to my old self soon.



Beautiful Color

Have you seen these products. Simply beautiful colors. Just had to share.

Yeah, I know, kinda a loser blog after being gone for so long. Hope to have more time tonight. Until then....drool. LOL



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Goodness

How quickly children grow. I am often reminded of this fact when my sister calls to ask for baby advice. Has it really been that long since mine were babies? Sometimes I just can't remember how old they were when we got the new stroller or started eating cheerios. And anyway...things have changed. The guidelines are different and we have different parenting styles. And, most of all, my babies are anything but babies now.

Which brings me to today.

Mackenzie has parent observation this week at the ballet. One of today's classes was pointe. The girls were only in their shoes for 10 minutes, but Wow! When did she stop being that tiny little girl in those teeny slippers and become a pointe shoes. All the girls looked so grown up in them.

And Brighton! OMG!!!! He has become quite the teddy bear...very scruffy around the edges, but the hair is still so soft. But, as men do, the hair was becoming darker and he constantly seemed to have a dirty upper he had just drank a big glass of chocolate milk. If you know Brighton, you know how much he loves chocolate milk. So, off it must come. Tonight, after dinner, while the girls were playing, Phil gave him his first shaving lesson. He looks really nice, but it is so hard to believe he is now shaving! You think in a few years I will forget how old he was when he started?

Goodness, time is going by so quickly.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautifully Addicting Game and Wishlists

Oh happy day! Today the Neiman Marcus Wishbook arrived. Hours of giggling at the insane things I can purchase. Cupcake Car anyone? I do have to tell you that most every year I order a few things from this catalog. Lots of great gifts. I am eying these. And am intrigued by the chocolate covered potato crisps. Might have to make them myself tho. Don't relish paying $16 for a package of Pringles, even if they are covered in chocolate.

And, Phil showed me the most beautiful, yet addicting game ever. Check it out. Might need to add this to my holiday wishlist as well. For now, I will enjoy playing the free version.



Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sundays always seem to be full of contradictions. Lazy Sunday? Well, I did get to do some scrapping and play on the computer. But oh, so much work to be done. Up at 7 to head out to the Farmer's Market. I can not believe how early the market is getting going these days...the official opening time is 9:00 a.m. but you better be there by 8:30 if you want to park. And horray!!!! Heirloom Organics is back in Mountain View! Picked up some spinach for Phil. I am sure he will now eat all the eggs I bought! And the girls got to talk to the owner about growing carrots. The really enjoyed that and can't wait to plant. The girls also got a tasty cucumber to snack on while we finished. Then off to Petes for a coffee (and a couple of peppermint hot cocoas for the girls). Whole Foods and finally home. Unloading the groceries, finishing the dishes, laundry from yesterday. Oh, so busy.

Did find a little time for fun and games.

Here are a few layouts to share. Lots of yummy goodies I found at Flamingo Scraps.

Oh....and check out Mackenzie's new blog! She is posting her artwork for everyone to see. And I don't have to be involved.



Friday, November 6, 2009

ahhhh, quiet

Just a little while ago things were so busy. But right now...quiet. Kinda nice. definitely not something I am used to tho. LOL

Boys are going backpacking this weekend so it is sure to be quiet tomorrow. Add to that 3 hours of Nutcracker for rehearsals for the girls and I am off to get a mani/pedi! Horray me!!!!!

Thought I would share some of Mackenzie's artwork today. She has been having such a good time drawing with Inkscape. She has really gotten quite good. (proud, bragging, momma time) She has been asked to be a National Manga Mentor by an online graphics art school. So excited for her.

So, without further ado....



Thursday, November 5, 2009


Do you ever have days where you just feel blessed? Maybe you wake up and it is just a regular day, then you look around and just thing...WOW!!!! I am so blessed. Today was one of those days. Yes, things didn't start out fabulous, not that they were bad, just a regular day. But somewhere, during our just hit me. I truly am blessed. Yeah, things may not be perfect, far from it. But overall...I am pretty lucky.

I mean, I have a great life. I have incredible children, an amazing husband, a beautiful home. Life is good.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like talking about the ins and outs of my day, the meetings, the talks with the ES adviser, the ...well daily grind. But for now....just BLESSED.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long Day & Smelly Paper

Yep, it was a long one. School with the children, Mackenzie being the not so cooperative today. That was followed by our meeting with our ES from the charter school. Those of you who have followed my saga from other sites know how much I enjoy these meetings and will not be surprised to hear that this was the worst one yet. I have requested a new ES. I just do not feel this one is going to work for us. Maybe I am difficult to work with, maybe after 8 years of not being accountable to anyone else I am not taking to this well??? But when you upset my children! Uggggghhhh

Well, enough about that. Left my house at 2:00 p.m. Met the ES at Starbucks, drove back to pick up a friend for swim practice, then to the pool, the ballet, Target, the pool, and finally home. 5:30! Lucky me and the carpool. Left again at 6:30 to pick up Brighton at the pool. Total miles today??? 37 miles. Not too bad! hee hee

No time to scrap, no time to chat online. I was able to talk with my cutie patotootie friend Pinky and heard from Sue while I was driving! Oh...and my Webster's Pages Papers came!!! Yummy. They smell so good. I still can't believe I won their monthly challenge.

Hope to find some scrappy time soon. For now, it is finishing up the agenda for tomorrow nights swim board meeting and then off to bed.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yep, that was a heavy sigh. Why? because, well, it was a long day. Mostly good, but.....

Learning records have to be prepared for tomorrows meeting with the ES, and it isn't fun. And it isn't pretty. No one wants to do it. And there are so many other things that need to be done. The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is so short that those poor decorations hardly get a chance. And it is already the third. LOL

Well, anyway...everyone is tired and in a bad mood. But the learning records are completed and the pasta sauce for tomorrow nights dinner is cooking away. Yeah, gotta start it the night before as tomorrow I leave at 2 and drive in circles till 7:30. Oh...maybe I will remember to use the trip thingy and find out how many miles. hee hee

Well, did get to play a bit today. Here is a pic of what I made.

Oh, and thanks to Phil. I didn't find my magnets, but he went and got me some new ones. Husbands rock.



Monday, November 2, 2009


As I sit here I am eating an ice cream sundae from Baskin Robbins. Heath Bar toffee ice cream with caramel and whipped cream. Yum!!! Why, you may ask, am I eating ice cream when the girls brought home 11 pounds of candy on Halloween? Well, the children and I had a bet. I lost, I had to pay up. hee hee

Yep, today was a good homeschooling day. It started out with children who, although they fight like cats and dogs, actually do love one another. And that, is always a good thing to start the day with.

Everyone managed to complete their school work in a reasonable amount of time. Which, with our Learning Record meeting Wednesday, was a very good thing. This month our writing samples are due. Don't ask me why, but every two months the children are required to write a short essay, handwritten demonstrating a certain list of skills. They must use a specific graphic organizer. Uggggh. They hate it, I hate it...the school wants it, so it must be done.

This time, Brighton's paper was to be a persuasive argument. The writing prompt was something about year round school. Yeah, no interest. Well, since I have done more reading, I have found that he didn't need to use that prompt, but just demonstrate those skills. His paper? What was he trying to persuade me not to have to do? Write this paper. Too funny. Can't wait to see what his Education Specialist has to say about this one. Mackenzie's paper was fiction, about a time machine. She was a little more pleased with her prompt.

OK, so...the bet? We bet that I couldn't write both of their papers, complete with the graphic organizers, in the time it took one of them to finish. Yep, I would write two papers in the time it took either of them to finish.

Well, they beat me...not by much...but they won. And the prize....Ice cream. So, here I sit with my sundae. My papers were probably better (at least I would hope, after getting a graduate degree and all) and longer...but theirs are done! Woo Hoo!!!! No more fighting about this for two more months!!!

The rest of my day? The usual. A little housework, laundry, ballet and swim. A little IM with the know who you are! hee hee

Oh, are a few of those wonderful "I love my siblings" moments from this morning.

Off to scrap.