Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe that June is almost over.  It really is amazing how fast the summer is flying by.  I think the days just rush by faster in the summer.  Is it due to the longer days, the amount of free time to do whatever you want now that school is out?  And why is it the kids want to do so much?  lol

You all know that my children are all swimmers, so a lot of our summer is spent at the pool, at swim meets.  And swim meets mean waiting.  If you have never been to a swim meet, you probably didn't know this....but while the meet may last for 6 hours, each swimmer spends maybe 3 minutes in the pool, tops.  Ainsley spends even less at a cabana meet since her events are short, maybe 20 seconds each.  Yep, that is a lot of waiting.

The SEI Mimosa papers were so summery, they fit these swim photos perfectly. I cut the larger flower shape, large flower and ring using my Cricut.  A bit of Glimmer Mist in Pashmina and Sunshine on the chipboard flowers gave a bit of sparkle.  Finally a few Tear Drops to accent my larger flower and I was done.

It has been tons of fun working with all the lovely products from the Your Memories Here store this month as a guest design team member.  I am sad that my time there is over.  Now I wait to see if maybe, just maybe they pick me for their regular design team.  Guess it is my turn to wait now.  hee hee



Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy, Busy

But not in the way you probably think.  lol

Today, I woke with horrible allergies.  So, I decided to take it easy.  Mackenzie went to morning swim practice.  Ainsley and Brighton went to afternoon.  Other than a bit of housework and a friend over for Ainsley it was a very uneventful day.  Which, gave me lots of time to play.  What a nice change.

My good friend, Heather, challenged me at the beginning of the month to scrapbook 30 photos.  Which, with my current affinity for single photo layouts looked to be quite a challenge.  But, with all the time I had today, it was one I was up to.

The first one is from this weeks Sassy Lil Sketches blog.  Which, was a great layout for lots of photos (6!!!)
and here is my take....

The next, from The Color Room

And then....
From Color Palette 148 over at Color Combos Galore and a flip, rotate, reassemble of Got Sketch #100.

Finally, based on a sketch and color scheme over at Pagemaps....
How much would I love to win all those gorgeous laser cute chippies.  sigh.....

Well, so that makes 29...technically, not done yet.  But I do have another layout here, waiting to be uploaded to the Your Memories Here blog for my last reveal as a GDT member.  I have loved working with their products and look forward to summer CHA and the need to stock up again!  lol  Seriously, if you haven't been buy, you should definitely check them out.

Well, off to finish dinner.  Meatless Monday here so we are having cheese enchiladas with a big salad and a plum/berry crumble for dessert.  yummmmmm

Chat with ya soon.



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday

It seems as if the summer is just racing by.  I can't believe I am about to say it...but I long for the fall, school....normalcy.  lol  And regular sleep.  I am so not used to being up and out of the house at 7:00 a.m.

What did we do last week?  Well....

We went to Great America....

I took Ainsley on a shopping spree to celebrate her birthday...

We went to the archery range.

Had a swim meet, which we lost, but I won't bore you with more swim photos.  lol  Well, maybe one....

And went out to the TLC Farm in Aromas for a BBQ.

Somewhere in there I found a little bit of time for scrapping.....
This was made for the challenge over at ColorCombos Galore #147

some older photos of the children.

And finally.....

And speaking of this one.....

Before summer ends, and the normal routine takes back over I will start a new adventure with Sassy Lil Sketches, as a Sassy Girl.  This was my design team application layout.  If you haven't seen the blog, every week there is a fun, new sketch and lots of yummy inspiration.  Even a prize or two.  You should definitely check it out.
Here is last weeks sketch...

Well, hope you are enjoying your day.  And, if you are wondering what fun we have on tap for next week....along with swimming, we will have our annual raft trip, a scavenger hunt at the mall, and...well...who knows what the children will want to do.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peace and Quiet

It is late at night and I finally have a little peace and quiet here.  The last few days have been a blur, with the swim meet, the overnighter (didn't bother actually sleeping) and Father's Day.

I did a blog today over at Your Memories Here using lots of their yummy products and a sketch from Sassy Lil Sketches.

I have been having a great time blogging for them these past few weeks.  Who knew a guest DT job would be so fun.  If you haven't had a chance, you should definitely check out their store.

Well, today we are off to Great America, a little pre-celebration of Ainsley's birthday.



Friday, June 18, 2010


Now, don't get me wrong.  I love summer.  The weather is beautiful.  The children don't have school, so I get a break, and we usually squeeze in a trip or two.  The only problem is that when I say "squeeze", I really mean "squeeze".  Our days are so full with swim and ballet that it seems we don't have time to do the fun stuff.

Today we managed to squeeze in a few things tho.  After swim practice, also known as "fun Friday"...cause there isn't much practice, mostly games. We grabbed a few friends and headed down south a bit to do some berry picking.  Yummy!!!  We picked ollalieberries and boysenberry.  Both are delicious.  So delicious that we managed to come home with almost 15 pounds of these suckers.  And since they didn't weigh the children before they started grazing picking the berries we may have actually brought home even more.....

What am I going to with so many berries?  Good question.  I have frozen 7 pounds of the boysenberries (they had mealy bugs and I really wanted those suckers dead) and two trays (maybe 3 pounds) of the ollalies.  I also made a yummy blackberry cobbler for desert tonight.  Which was a very good thing since we also managed to squeeze in picking up a side of beef this afternoon.  200 lbs.  Man, my freezer is full!  hee hee And I have no idea where I am going to put the rest of the berries.  Anyone have an idea?  I keep trying to squeeze more in, but I think we are maxed.

The girls managed to keep Daniel for the afternoon, so on top of piano lessons and processing berries, they had a play date.  Which is a good thing, cause it is summer, right????  And we have to squeeze in the fun when we can.

Tomorrow promises to be fun packed with a swim meet and the team overnighter!  Poor Phil, Father's day this year will be a bit of a bummer with grumpy children and exhausted wife.  Did I mention I, as president of the team get to stay up all night?  Well, maybe not all...I may manage to get 2 or 3 hours.  And sometime in there I need to squeeze in a trip to the grocery.

On the bright side tho...I did manage to squeeze in a bit of scrappy time.

Well, with the swim meet in the morning I should try and squeeze in some time with the hubby and some sleep.

What are you squeezing this weekend?



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girlie Card Fun

I have been having tons of fun working with the goodies from Your Memories Here.  The papers and ribbons and glimmer mists...oh my!

This week I made a few card that were needed for the blog.

I am not usually a card maker, so I feel not too badly about the results.  If you want more information on these cards, products used, etc....you can pop over to the Your Memories Here blog.

Well, off to get the rest of my day going.,  Hard to believe I have been up since before 6 and still have gotten very little done.  Maybe getting up so early isn't such a good thing for me.  You would think that if I was up, I would be productive, but really, all I want to do is go back to bed.  lol



Friday, June 11, 2010

One of those....

I would like to say it has been one of those days...but it really hasn't been a day, maybe more like a week, or a month!  lol  I soooo need a vacation.  But that is another story to itself.  hee hee

I have been really busy with swim team these last few weeks.  It is amazing how quickly the swim season starts and ends.  And how much must be done in such a short period of time.

But enough of that for today...you aren't here to read about the drama of it all.....You are probably here to see yummy scrapiness, or homeschooling so, without further ado.

Very quickly I will tell you about Math.  This year Ainsley did a number of different math programs.  You know we did a bunch of math drills with math-drills.com.  We also used Singapore Primary Math.  I have really enjoyed using this program.  Mackenzie used it up till this year.  But, alas, I just don't think that it is working with Ainsley.  So I have decided to move her to Saxon Math, which, is a totally different set of skills.  But with all the drill, it should hopefully help her build confidence.  Surprisingly tho, when I had her take the placement test....she tested at grade level.  I know, I know...grade level is where she should be.  But I was surprised because she is constantly fighting me over math.  sigh  We are still going to work on math drills over the summer.  I bought an app for the iPad/iPod to do just that.  It is called KidCalc and she really seems to enjoy it.

Ok, enough educational stuff.  It is summer!!!!

And here are a few goodies for you.  Yesterday I did a tutorial on turning chipboard into painted metal.  You can check it out at Ideas for Scrapbookers.

Thanks to Tracy at Stay True to God for the fabulous Dusty Attic chipboard.  Love it!!!!  The sketch and colors are from last weeks The Color Room.

I also have this layout that I did for the class over on Big Picture Scrapbooking with Nic Howard.

I don't just love it, but it is ok I guess.  That is me trying to lift...I guess that is what I get.  lol

Well, that does it for now.  Gotta go cook dinner and then head to the pool to help set up for tomorrows meet.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's That Time Again

Yep...Prima's Product Pics for the Month!  Gorgeous!!!!!!

Pink, and pink, and white and sparkley....just gorgeous!

Oh, and I will try to be back later with some scrappy projects.  I do have one over at Ideas For Scrapbooker's today if you want to take a look.

Swim team is calling, last night was our league meeting so quite the list today.



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest DT for June

I was so thrilled to be asked to be the June guest designer over at Your Memories Here.   They have a great shop with fabulous prices and many of my favorite products.  If you haven't ever checked them out, you should!

I will be blogging on Tuesdays for the rest of the month there, so you are guaranteed to see some scrappy goodness from me each Tuesday this month.  Gotta love commitment, it forces me to produce.  lol

My first project was this.....Based on a Sketchy Thursdays Sketch.

Yep, that's Ainsley again....being her sassy self.  That photo was too cute not to scrap.  hee hee.  Lots of fun goodies from the YMH store including the papers, Glimmer mist (did I mention they have great prices), the fun little stamp, some Prima roses, and a new fave of mine....tear drops.

I used a few favorite techniques; making my own flowers, this one just a simple circle cut like pie and crumpled with a rose in the middle; using packaging, gotta reduce, reuse, recycle;  lol  and some flourishes and a font cut on the Cricut.  Oh, and can't forget a spritz of Glimmer Mist on the background.

Well, I have a few other scrappy goodies this week, but nothing yet to share.  Busy, busy, busy with swim and settling into our summer routine.  Did I mention I hate mornings.  ugggghhhh

Don't forget to check out the Your Memories Here store and blog.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday

Back from another exciting, fun filled weekend.

This weekend was filled with warm weather activities.  We had our first cabana dual meet of the season.  Hard to believe but we lost by .19 points.  Looks like it may be a tight season for the league and we may have a chance at winning something!  Woo Hoo

The children all swam really well and while we didn't win, we know we did our best.

But dang was it hot!!!!  So hot in fact that we had to bust out the water slide.

And, I had to do a little shopping....Totally fell in love with this peacock, and had to have it for my front porch.

Well, back tomorrow with some fun scrappy goodies.



Friday, June 4, 2010

And She's Back

Look at that...I said I would be back, and I am.

And here I am bringing you some of the scrappiness I have been doing the last few days.  The weekend with the inlaws while being fabulously busy, did not leave much time for playing with paper.  And then, once they were gone, there was quite a bit of "work" to catch up on.

I did, however manage this card for Ideas for Scrapbookers.

And did a fun tutorial on Ideas for Scrapbookers on chipboard.  This was my layout.  You can check out the link for how you can turn plain chipboard into rusted metal.  I had so much fun with this technique I think I may have to try some other chipboard fun.

And I made this from the updated Color Combos Galore weekly challenge site over on ning.  Using a sketch from Sassy Lil' Sketches

Not such a bad week for scrappy goodness.

I still feel so behind.  I didn't do last weeks project over on the BPS class I won, much less start this weeks.  And I have a bit of a surprise for you all next Tuesday that I am busy with.

So, be sure and check back.

See ya then,



Thursday, June 3, 2010

And...once again....

As promised...here I am with a more thorough update of what has been happening these last few days (ok, last week.  lol)  This is gonna be pretty photo heavy...so strap yourselves in.

As you know, my in-laws were in town for the long weekend.  It was super fun having them here.  My MIL taught the girls to sew.

Each girl made two pairs of pants to wear to the pool.

We had time trials with the cabana swim team....no photos....too busy.  Need to get on that this week.  hee hee

Mackenzie had her dance performance with the Ballet San Jose.  No photos allowed to be taken in the theatre, but I do have these of her after....

And yes, that is stage makeup.  My 12 yo is not allowed to wear makeup yet.  I know, mean mom.  lol

With the beautiful weather we broke out the hammock, and the girls had to play in it.

We found a baby hummingbird in the backyard.

Those are Phil's icky hands.  He had been smoking a ham for dinner.

And went to the California Academy of Sciences.

Where we ran into ...
OK, we didn't actually "run into"  we planned on meeting...but any chance to see them.  hee hee

And that, was my Memorial Day Weekend.  

Told ya it would be a lot of photos.

I will be back tomorrow to share some of the scrappiness I have been up to.  




Well, seems that with the holiday, and the inlaws, and the full on beginning of cabana swim; yesterday just got away from me.

We are having a bit of a morning around here, so, Mackenzie is not ready to pick a winner for the altered album.

random.org to the rescue.  hee hee

True Random Number Generator  27Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Which makes the winner.........Kelli Calli

Kelli, email me your addy, nkeslin@yahoo.com, and I will get your prize package out.

I have a few things to share later today, but for now....way too much going on.