Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun with Mists

Well, it's Friday night and lots of you may be going out for the evening.  Heading out with friends, or if you are still in school, maybe to a dance.  If you are like my girls, maybe you would like to dress up your jeans a little. 

Maya Mist and a Crafter's Companion stencil to the rescue.

On these I used the Iridescent pearl and a heart and flourish stencil.  The effect is a little more subtle.

Here I used a star type pattern and blue mist.

Well, just a few quick sprays and we are ready to go.  And, since the mists are water based, they just wash out in the washing machine (yes, I did test this on some scrap fabric first).  I really like using the Maya Mists for this project as they have more pigment in the mist and the give a more opaque coverage.  (you can find them in the Flamingo Scraps store, see link above)  The girls are already busy looking at the other stencils we have and thinking of what color combinations they would like to try.  Guess I will need to start hiding my mists.  LOL

Just another fun thing you can do with your mists. 




Did you know I love surprises?  Well, really I don't...but imagine my excitement when I saw this

If you go to their blog, you can click the curtain for a sneak.

I know I am excited.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Promises, Promises.

I know, I promised to come back and tell you more about my scrapbook collection.  Let me start by saying that I have been scrapbooking for 14 years, that each of my three children has their own albums for each year of their lives.  I also have vacation albums, holiday albums, and a few books of me. 

Ready?  Do you really want to know how many?  50!  Yep, I have 50 12x12 albums on the shelf. (well, not really on the shelf, because I ran out of space and now have to go to Ikea to get another set of shelves). 

You can see in the pictures that their are still a few of those boxes full of pages from Michaels.  That is because, even with 50 albums on the shelf, I do not have enough for all the pages.  (sigh).  Granted, some of the albums are no where near full, but being a chronological scrapper...they will be some day.  lol

Yep, at some point I got totally overwhelmed and could no longer remember if I had or hadn't scrapped some events.  So, now that everything is nice and neat and prepared to see some flashback photos.

Oh, and does anyone have any great ideas how to label the spines of all these albums?



Monday, February 22, 2010

More Projects, and Did you know?????

Did you know that Pink Paislee has an online magazine?  The debut issue is a free download and you can find it here.  Inside you can find tons of inspiration, new products and a sketch challenge.  I worked the sketch and came up with this.

 Mackenzie at our tree hunt.  

What else have I been up to?  Well, a few more layouts
Ainsley at the piano recital we hosted in December.
Brighton at our annual tree hunt.

And I spent the weekend finally putting pages into albums.   Some of you may have seen the piles of scrapbook layouts I had stacked up.  I really do not enjoy putting them into albums.  I just can't seem to find the perfect one.

So, tomorrow....I will show you what I did.  I bet you can't guess how many 12 x 12 albums I now have in the living room.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Prima Picks

According to some very credible sources, Flamingo Scraps will be getting their shipment of the new Primas in the next few days.  What does that mean to me?  A big ole box of happy mail!!!  What does that mean to you?  Well, if you love Prima like I do.....

And now, for a bit of enabling.....

Prima's NEW Product Pick!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Page Kits

I have been busy with Spring cleaning the last few days.  Ok, well, it isn't really spring, but it sure does feel like it.  Upper 60s and 70s and not a cloud int he sky?  Seems like spring to me.  And with Phil being out of town, it seemed to be the perfect time to do some serious scrapping.

I realized how many page kits I had collected.   A few needed little more than photos.  And some needed a complete assembly.  But what could be easier than a kit?

Both of these are from the Wassail page kit available now from  I don't actually own the kit, but I did have the paper collection...and a few of the embellishments.  Must make do and all.  lol

And these lovelies have been sitting, completed, minus photos since August of last year.  They were from a scrapbook expo class I took with Layle Koncar.
What could be easier than that?

And these are from the Bittersweet kit at  Some photos of Ainsley at the Valentine's party the other day.
Again, I didn't have the kit, but I did have many of the items in the kit to play with.  

Goodness page kits make it quick and easy.  Wonder if I have anymore lying around?  hee hee

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Almost Valentine's Day

It has been a busy, busy couple of days getting ready for Valentine's Day.

Ainsley attended a party at the Grange for homeschooled children that was tons of fun.  And you know we can't just bring regular, store bought valentines.  How about these.   

These were a cute little download on Jessica Sprague's website.  Lots of different candy wrappers.  Added a bit of stickles, and a little cute.

And of course she had to have a mailbox to receive Valentines.

Well, the photos from the party are on another camera, so I will have to come back and show you those later.  Let's just say Ainsley had a great time and wishes she could spend more time with her friends, and less time on her studies.

The big sale is still going on over at the Flamingo Scraps store... and I wanted to play so, with some inspiration From Lisa Pace's book, Delight in the Details, I came up with this.
Lots of Marks Paper Company, platinum stickles (my new fave), some Prima flowers and butterflies (cut from a vine) and bits of this and that.  I am off to look for a stand later today to hang it from.  If you, like me, love vintage and shabby, I highly recommend her book.  Beautiful.

One more project.  
This one was inspired by Danielle Flanders and the beautiful rose balls she made for the Melissa Frances booth at CHA.  She had a tutorial on her blog how to make the roses out of crepe paper.  Well, I don't have crepe paper.  But you know what I do have?  Lots of leftover crepe paper ribbon from my children's birthday parties.  I added a few beads and pearls and came up with a cute little wall hanging.  Of course, the girls are fighting over it.  lol

Well, Phil has gone rock climbing for the weekend, so I gotta run.  Yep, abandoned me on Valentine's Day.  lol  But he was nice enough to have these delivered yesterday so maybe I wouldn't miss him quite as much.
 It's not working, but at least they are pretty and smell nice.

Hope you are with the ones you love this weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Busy Week...Lots of Projects

It has been a busy week here creating projects and blogging for Flamingo Scraps.  There is a Sweetheart of a Sale going this weekend and I wanted to be sure and get some projects made showing all the fun things that are in the store.  You can find the link to the store in the top side bar of this post.

lots and lots of yummy Websters Pages here
how about some Pink Paislee?

a little Prima Rebellious?

so much fun with those two.  Mackenzie was having a great time posing, and then I had a great time with the extractions!  NOT!!!  lol  Thanks Heather!  hee hee

Or maybe Flirty Little Secrets are more your style....

I have another project drying on my desk...which I love! Using Marks Paper Company to post tomorrow, and hopefully a quick little tutorial on a valentine wall hanging made with crepe paper ribbons.  Yep, crepe paper ribbons like you have left over from your child's birthday parties.

Oh, one last project...Ainsley.  This one using some old Making you see the trend here?  Using lots and lots of older products.  Gotta make room.  And I do still love so many of these.


Hope you have a great weekend.  Did I mention stickles are on sale too?  hee hee


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Space

A few friends have asked about my scrappy space.  Well, let's just's a little tight.  I share the room with my husband as the room also doubles as a guest room and office.  Vertical therefore is the way to go.

my desk

paper and other storage

the clip it up


and a cute little project I just finished to hang on the wall.

This came from a Scarlet Lime kit.

Well, that is about it for today.



Monday, February 1, 2010

More from CHA

Life is settling back to normal so I finally managed to take some photos of the fun projects I did at CHA, that were not associated with Flamingo Scraps.

I made this fun little project with the new Kioshi line from Basic Grey.

This cute little book was made with the adorable Kelly Goree!  She is just about the sweetest thing ever!

Amanda and I had a great time laughing with her.  I think Layle and she had quite a bit to talk about that night at dinner.  Yeah, Layle and I go way back!  Having met at the Scrapbook Expo in San Jose.  lol...Amanda ran into her in the parking lot of the hotel and she remembered me.  lol  Not sure if I should be honored or scared.  hee hee

And see this cute little flip book.....
Made this in a class with Marah Johnson of Creative Imaginations.  So totally not my style.  But fun.

These were made with the ncw Creative Imaginations mists...well, not really mists, we used daubers.

And look at this adorable tea towel I made over in the Making Memories booth! 
Got to try my hand at the new hands free slice.  So cool.  I know a lot of my friends had issues with applying the right amount of pressure.  This totally negates that problem.   I still need to stitch my flowers on...just in case...don't think it is ready to head through the wash.

And this is a super cute line.  Those little robots were calling my name at the Imaginisce booth.
It is a cute little holder for a gift card.

And one last thing....
A pile of flowers I made while at CHA.

Next up.....well, if all goes well.  Tomorrow I will have some photos of my scrap space.