Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outrageously Cute Owls - Coredinations

Hi everyone!  Hope you are having a great week.  Today I wanted to share with you a project I did a while ago for Core'dinations.  I love the dot papers that Core'dinations makes, such a fun texture.  These little pillowboxes are just so cute and fun.

I had my niece Lili and one of her friends over for a playdate so that we could create these.  The girls of course loved it.  They then proceeded to fill their little pillow boxes with other diecuts they had made.

Owl Box Supplies:
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_suppliesStep 1: Cut pillow box.  I chose to make my owl 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/2.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_cut boxStep 2:  For added interest, sand the box with your Sand it Tool.  At this time I assembled the box so that I could see where the owl "parts" would go.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_sand itStep 3:  Begin cutting Owl "parts".  Two white circles approximately 2 inches wide for eyes.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_white circles
One three inch circle, cut in half, for the wings.  Again, sand this piece for extra texture and interest.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_wings
One two inch circle and a small triangle for the feet and beak.  Feel free to sand if you like.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_orange
Two black one and 1/2 inch circles for the pupils,
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_black
Sixteen or so one inch circles for the feathers.  Don't worry if they don't punch perfectly, we are going to layer them so you can hide your mistakes.  hee hee
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_feathersStep 4:  Time to assemble.  Begin applying the "feathers" in rows across the box.  Be sure to not place the feathers where your box will fold up.  Add orange "feet" on top.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 1Step 5:  Add wings and the whites of the eyes next.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 2Step 6:  Finish with the pupils and beak.
owls_coredinations_nancy keslin_layer 3This project is so fun and easy to make; and the owls are totally outrageous.  The new Core Basic Patterns create the most adorable feathers and coordinate beautifully with the Tillie Dot papers.  I hope you give them a try, my littles did.

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