Friday, December 26, 2014

Circles of Fun - Photobooth Backdrop

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share with you this project I made a bit ago for Core'dinations.  A photobooth backdrop.  It is super easy to make, and looks fabulous as a background.

Circles of Fun Photo Booth Backdrop Supplies:

photo_booth_backdrop_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1:  Select four colors of cardstock and cut large circles from two of each color.  I cut 16 circles from each 12x12 sheet of paper with my Cricut, but you could use a manual die cut machine, or even hand cut the shapes.  I ended up with a total of 128 circles which was more than enough to create a five foot wide backdrop.
photo_booth_backdrop_coredinations_nancy keslin_circles
Step 2:  Mix all shapes together to form a random pattern.
photo_booth_backdrop_coredinations_nancy keslin_colors
Step 3:  With sewing machine create garlands of eight to twelve circles by running machine with empty thread between each shape.  If you don't want to sew, you could glue, tape, or even staple the circles onto cording.
photo_booth_backdrop_coredinations_nancy keslin_sewing 1
Step 4:  Tie garlands to cording using a simple knot across a cord.
photo_booth_backdrop_coredinations_nancy keslin_knots
Step 5:  For a five foot backdrop I cut the cord to approximately 6 feet, giving me enough cording on the ends to tie to my structure or tape to the wall.
I chose to hang my backdrop from tent poles, but you could easily tape it to a blank wall in your home.  There are many software packages available to take the photo booth photos for you, or you can have someone man the camera.  Whatever you decide, your friends and family are sure to have a great time.

Oh, and when packing it up till next time, gather each string and hold with a binder or paper clip so that the strands don't get tangled.  Trust me, that is no fun.  hee hee

If you are wondering what software to use?  I use Sparkbooth.  It is super simple to set up and run and we have used it many times with all ages to great success.

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