Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pinecone Turkeys- Kids Craft Tutorial.

Hi everyone!  Happy almost Thanksgiving!  I wanted to share with you today a fun project you can do with your littles for Thanksgiving.  I originally made this for Core'dinations, and you can see it here.

Pine Cone Turkey Supplies:
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1: Paint foam ball with brown acrylic paint.  Helpful hint: insert a skewer or small stick into the ball to keep fingers out of the way.  You can even keep the ball on its stick while it dries.  
pinecone_turkey_coredinaitons_nancy keslin_paint_no face
Step 2: While paint dries, trace and cut out two hand prints on Core'dinations Vintage Collection papers.  I let my little friends cut their own hand prints out...good practice with the scissors, but keep some tape handy...jic.  lol
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_trace hand
Step 3: Glue handprints to the stem end and foam ball to the top of the pinecone to create  the basic turkey shape.
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_handprint
Step 4:  Assemble the face of the turkey by inserting a 1/2 inch piece of yellow chenille stem in center of ball and wrapping a 1- 1/2 to 2 inch piece of red chenille stem around it.  Attach google eyes with glue.  Look how easy making a turkey face is.  Who knew.
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_face
Step 5:  To create the male hat cut a 3 inch circle from black Core Basics cardstock.  Draw a 2 inch circle about 3/4 of the way around and cut out.
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_ringStep 6:  Cut edges out of the semicircle and fold up to create hat shape.
pinecone_turkey_coredinations_nancy keslin_foldStep 7:  To embellish hat cut a small piece of white Core Basics cardstock approximately 1 1/2 inches by 1/2 inch and add a little glitter to the center to create the hat band and buckle.
pinecone_turkey_coredination_nancy keslin_buckle
Step 8:  Place hat on turkey head, glue if desired.

Now, you know my little friends wanted kerchiefs for their turkeys as well, so that they could have girl turkeys.  lol

To Create the kerchief
Step 1: Cut a strip of white cardstock 2x4 inches, cut along solid lines to create the kerchief shape.
Step 2:  Fold edge of cardstock up 1/4 inch to create kerchief.
Step 3:  Poke small holes in ends of kerchief to create laces that you can then tie.  I used just a small piece of baker's twine knotted on either end.

Step 4:  Place kerchief on turkey head and tie in a bow.  I tied it loosely so my little friends could easily slip it off and on.

Don't they make the cutest little couple?

I am sure your little ones will enjoy their turkey friend for many years to come.

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