Friday, October 3, 2014

Blooming Through the Season Apron

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!!!!  Hope you have fun things planned for the weekend.  We of course have a swim meet...but I am sure I will sneak in some playtime.

Speaking of playtime, with October upon us, I finally finished my September Blooming Through the Seasons project.  You know me, I can't follow instructions, nor do I have any patience, but I love this project all the same.

Of course she was supposed to go into an art journal...but mine isn't big enough, and I just happened to have this plain, white apron lying around so..... 
All the instructions for using the beautiful stencil that Jamie Dougherty created for Prima are in the class instructions....but I need to learn patience (so my mediums don't run everywhere) and to follow instructions...nah, I like her with a bit more color....and texture.  You know me...not much for white space.  hee hee
The next round of Blooming Through the Seasons is starting.  You should totally come play.  So much fun!  And grab some of those fabulous stencils!  Who knows what you will create.


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