Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I raved on about my son, his birthday, and how proud we are of him. 

Well, today?  How about I show some love for my girls?  They are just wonderful daughters.

Supplies:  Fancy Pants Crush papers, Prima embellishments, Tim Holtz Inks, AC Thickers

My youngest, Ainsley is always such a joy.  She always has a smile on her face and makes a new friend daily.  Her math skills are improving and she is becoming almost as avid a reader as her siblings and I.  She hasn't had any standardized tests yet, but I know that she is learning and growing because...well...I talk to her!  lol  She loves every day of her life and those around her.  Whether she is at her homeschool group activities or the pool, she has a smile on her face.  I am always amazed at how many parents comment about what a great kid she is.  I mean, I know that, but I am biased.  hee hee  Add to that the fact that she loves to craft and, well.......

And Mackenzie.  She is such a joy as well.  She is growing way too fast.  Becoming quite a young woman.  She is going to start babysitting soon.  She rocks in school, placing in the 95th percentile for language arts and also did very well in Math (can't remember the number).  This year, 7th grade, she is taking Algebra 1.  Like me, she loves to read.  She doesn't like to craft, but she is very creative, having her own You Tube channel where she does animations.  You can find her here.  She also composes her own music and plays the piano beautifully.  Mackenzie loves the ballet and has been dancing for almost 10 years.  She just began her second year on pointe.  She is sweet, soft spoken, loving, and caring.  What more could a mom want.

Well, that is probably enough bragging on my daughters for today.  But I couldn't not do it after speaking of Brighton yesterday.



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