Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Over

Yep, it is over. Cabana season is a wrap, and I still have a few short weeks of summer left.  The cabana team will have a fun work party in September, but for now, I don't even want to think of my beloved penguins.  Our team did not have a terribly successful season.  But we did have tons of fun.  That is my story....I am sticking to it!

It took me a while to get back to normal after our championship meet because, well....I didn't sleep.  Why didn't I sleep?  Because being the president of the cabana team, I am a tp-ing target.  You remember tp-ing people?  Yeah, we never did it like this.....

That is my friends house.  She is also a target (or her children are).  108 rolls of toilet paper.  Pretty impressive.  That took them hours to clean.  These tp-ers have a fun little trick.  They shred toilet paper into a trash bag....then dump it all over your lawn, in your flower beds, everywhere.  Fun, fun, fun!  They did this job in about 9 minutes.  They actually set a timer so they don't stay anywhere too long.

So, no sleep because, well, I am paranoid.  hee hee.  We left Holly out of her crate the last few nights because she is a fabulous watch dog.  She goes crazy the second someone steps foot on our property.  And that of course wakes us up.  But she also barks anytime anyone walks down the street, drives down the street, animals cruise around....sigh.

I did have a little time to play with paper during those sleepless days.  I made some fun gift card holders for our coaches.

Cathy Dippolito had shown hers on Ideas for Scrapbookers just last week.  And making them seemed so much more fun then cleaning.  hee hee.  I think hers are cuter...but I was pressed for time.

I have also done a few other layouts, but nothing yet to share as these will be for Sassy Lil Sketches in August.  I am simply thrilled to be starting there as a Sassy Girl.

On that note...maybe if I step away from my computer and toward my scrap table....I might find some time to make something I can share.  hmmmmm, intriguing idea.


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